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Radio talk show host Dana Loesch threatened with death: ‘You need to die too’

Cover of Dana Loesch's upcoming book, "Hands off my gun."
The Blaze/labeled for reuse

On Monday, Twitchy reported that Dana Loesch, a nationally-syndicated radio talk show host and author of the upcoming book, "Hands off my gun," was the target of death threats on Twitter from an individual identified only as "Gaganna." The tweets were deleted, but not before being captured by Twitchy.

"You need to die too with your ugly a**," tweeted "Gaganna." The Twitter user followed that up with a message indicating he or she knows where Loesch lives and would visit violence upon her.

"I just found out you live where I live," the tweet read. "[D]on't worry, b***h, ima (sic) find yo (sic) weak a**."

Loesch's husband, Chris, posted pictures of the two tweets. Rather than lashing out, Loesch decided the tweets were a good time to remind people of her upcoming book.

The vast majority of those who responded were not impressed with "Gaganna's" show of bravado. They were even less impressed after the Twitter "troll" deleted the messages. The account no longer exists as of this writing.

Asymmetric Solutions, a civilian tactical training center, responded to "Gaganna" by posting their address. The company, however, did not expect Loesch's latest antagonist to show up.

"Dana's address is 410 Thomas Rd. Farmington, MO 63640," the company said. "She said you are a punk and won't come by."

Loesch thanked Twitter for suspending the account and expressed hope the FBI would track the person down. Others also expressed hope the authorities would get involved. This isn't the first time Loesch has been targeted with hate on Twitter, as we reported in May. She has also been targeted by pro-gun control groups for her strong support of the Second Amendment.

"Back in 2009, some folks who didn’t appreciate my viewpoints threatened my life and the lives of my children," she once wrote on her website. "I had to reach out to law enforcement and other security. The first thing they told me was to get a firearm if I didn’t have one. The second thing they told me was to get a conceal carry license. Law enforcement informed me that they can’t be there all the time, as great as I think they are. I was told to 'take steps to protect yourself.' I had rifles, but purchased my first personal handgun nearly five years ago as a result of that experience. So yes, I absolutely do know what it’s like to face a threat and because of that I oppose any attempt to create more victims by removing from law-abiding citizens their ability to protect themselves and their families."

In February 2011, we first observed that liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate. Liberals like "Gaganna" prove that assertion correct on just about any given day. Some, like gay sex columnist Dan Savage and talk show host Mike Malloy, have even suggested a type of political "cleansing," fantasizing about seeing all Republicans or conservatives dead. It seems that for far too many on the left, all the nation's problems can be solved by murdering everyone on the right.

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