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Radio Shack is redesigned, relaunched

Fixing broken screens at the new Radio Shack
photo by Leslie E. Kossoff/LK Photos

When was the last time you went to Radio Shack for something? I bet it had the usual, tired look of frumpy items. It had become a place where the people who weren’t especially sharp about electronics shopped. Well, let go of that impression. Radio Shack has changed. It has become a place with wonderful, new, cutting edge electronics.

Radio Shack is selling new electronic toys, iPads, fancy, new digital camera tripods and amazingly designed power strips and lots of other things. Radio Shack has joined the 21st century. I was invited to go and see all of this recently. I decided to get some batteries for my cordless phone and I’m delighted to tell you thatRadio Shack still sells such specialty items.

They have an innovation which is a very important addition. Bring in your cell phone or iPad with a cracked screen and Radio Shack will fix it on the spot. There is a station in the store devoted to that. The sales staff is helpful and they are still good guides to the things that go inside of electronics, which Radio Shack has wisely continued to supply this.

So, the next time you see the sign for the store on the street, visit it. I’m sure that you’ll be as delighted as I was!

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