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Radio Shack commercial: 1980s spot contains classic stars, 'best' Super Bowl ad

A Radio Shack commercial is being fondly recalled today after the popular 1980s spot brought back together a number of classic personalities and contained several well-known stars. Being called by many fans on Facebook and Twitter as the “best” Super Bowl ad this 2014, the Radio Shack clip is trending this afternoon due to its clever nature, self-deprecating tone, and nostalgic quality. NewsMax reports this Monday, Feb. 3, 2014, that while Radio Shack may not have the most modern name, the store was able to use its history to its advantage during the 30-second commercial to swiftly become a fan favorite.

Super Bowl commercial from the 80s
YouTube Media Screenshot, WN Media

The Radio Shack commercial from Super Bowl 2014 opens quite simply, with a Radio Shack worker picking up the phone and receiving quite a mysterious phone call. Evidently bemused, he hangs up and slowly speaks to his fellow employee.

"The '80s called. They want their store back," he mutters.

The camera suddenly flashes over to a veritable group of 1980s personalities and classic celebrities, with the stars coming back to the store in an effort to reclaim their things and help bring Radio Shack into a more contemporary “world.” Some of the personalities’ appearances included Alf, Chuckie, Kid n’ Play, Sgt. Slaughter, John Ratzenberger, Mary Lou Retton, Hulk Hogan, and even the California Raisins.

Altogether, the 80s spot brought together a very nostalgic feel and a very effective, memorable ad to Super Bowl viewers. Facebook and Twitter fans weren’t the only ones to think the Radio Shack commercial was the best of the night, either. It was ranked a top spot by, earning the full score of four stars.

"In an attempt to update its stores and its image, Radio Shack does something few brands have the backbone to do: it acknowledges reality," the media news site wrote of the commercial. "The reality in this case is that if Americans think of Radio Shack at all, it's as a relic."

What did you think of the Super Bowl commercials this 2014? Was the Radio Shack spot your favorite, or another of several strong contributions last night?

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