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Radio interview with actor Richard Garcia regarding 'Tupac Biopic' audition

Richard Garcia was an enthusiastic guest on the Los Angeles Renaissance Radio Show hosted by Hollywood Music Examiner on (July 5). Richard holds a Bachelors of Science in Biology and teaches. Yet his second job as an actor and a Tupac Tribute Performer recently brought him international attention on the TMZ television show. Richard Garcia's appearance in Wyclef''s “April Showers” music video started controversy. The scene where Richard was featured in music video as Tupac's corpse with a massive bullet wound gained Cathy Scott's attention. The author of “The Killing of Tupac Shakur” acted on her assumption that the image in Wyclef's video was the actual autopsy picture of Tupac that is included in her book. She claimed a copyright infringement and notified Youtube. Youtube accepted Scott's wishes and made video no longer visible to viewers. Richard appeared on TMZ and explained to viewing audience that it was not a picture at all. That he was in fact the person playing Tupac deceased and that a make artist helped make scene authentic. On this same show Richard mentioned hoping to be a part of the upcoming“Tupac Biopic”.

Richard Garcia's productions and friends
Richard Garcia
Tupac Tribute Performer in motion
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Richard is back again making waves in the entertainment industry by discussing the subjects of race and age discrimination in Hollywood's film audition for the “Tupac Biopic”. Richard submitted for John Singleton's “Tupcac Shakur Biopic” audition but received an e-mail stating that Tupac film will focus on Pac at the age of twenty five years old and that Richard was to old for part. Richard is 39 years old but asserts that many actors play different age ranges including younger roles. Richard believes that age is not the main factor in being denied an audition. He voiced that race is the main reason why he was not allowed to audition for Tupac role. He went further to state that a couple of days later after he received notice that he could not audition for role another actor who is African-American and is in his thirties was allowed to audition for same role.

Richard's followers called into radio station and gave testimonies to the many positive attributes that both Tupac and Richard share. It was mentioned in show that Richard shares same birthday as Pac, has similar tattoos, and appearance. Still, their beliefs to stand up for what you believe in is what they consider makes Richard an ideal candidate to play Pac in the upcoming film.

This exclusive interview included many details about Richard and Tupac's life. Richard discussed a past of being on drugs. He gave accounts of how the people around him helped him to change his life. He also touched on that he works five part time jobs and is not afraid to work. Some of his acting gigs that he has come out on are television and film productions like Law & Order and MTV2. Another one of his jobs is being a motivational speaker to youth and college students. Some more interesting facts on Richard is that he has able to do all this while being a father to seven children.

Richard went into great detail on visiting Tupac Shakur's school in Atlanta and meeting Afeni Shakur, Tupac's mother there. In radio interview Richard speaks about his many ties to Pac's family members and close friends. Richard even gave a story of how he started playing Tupac.

HME inquired about entire submission to “Tupac Shakur Biopic” at Los Angeles Renaissance Radio show with Richard Garcia and this is what he had to say about process:

Richard Garcia-New Jersey resident

I submitted my name and age and my manger got an e-mail stating that I was to old and that I need to move on. I was shocked. I really feel it has to do with my race. I read that Tupac was also prejudged by same director based on his lifestyle and looks. John Singelton tried to convince Tupac that he should take the HIV test. I'm done with this film. I basically don't want anything to do this with these people. Tupac wasn't afraid to fight for his rights and the rights of others. These people who denied me an audition never met me so why did they do this? Just off my name and age? They closed their hearts and minds on me before even giving me a chance to try. No one needs to walk along people like that. If they were to come to me to apologize I would not be interested because it is not sincere. They don't show human dignity and it hurts. Anyone should be allowed to audition. They should have worded casting call differently.My daughter asked me "Aren't you afraid that this might hurt your career?" I told her I'm your father, I'm a teacher, and I work in an urban area. I have respect for ghettos world wide. I give motivational speeches and I get paid for it. It is not about looking like Tupac. I have to let our children know that no one is allowed to treat you like this. I don't want any of my kids, students, or anyone elses babies because of their skin color or race to be discriminated against on a job application and be told that they can't apply.

HME further probed Richard on the future of casting for films and if he felt that in the future viewers would have more of a say so on who gets cast for productions. Richard responded with “If people just speak up and casting directors start to open their hearts and their minds.”Richard spoke on Puerto Ricans and African-Americans division and this is what he had to say. “Anyone who says they really love Tupac go get that video where he is talking behind the bars it is a documentary. Tupac talks about Puerto Ricans, Haitians, Blacks, Africans, and Egyptians. We are all minorities and I feel that we should be helping one another. Regardless of film I'm going to keep doing what I do. I don't always get paid for the things I do. Most of the time I do it for charity. Sometimes I do it for fun. I do it because I love Pac's music. I feel the pain and the drive that he had.” Richard not only acts but he writes lyrics like Tupac. DJ Ron G and Richard made a Pac remix titled “Thug Style” it was played on the Los Angeles Renaissance Radio Show.

Richard Garcia enthusiasts called into radio show and spoke about their thoughts on Richard not being able to audition for Tupac part. A caller by the name of Be Wise phoned in and said

“Richard doesn't do this Pac thing because someone hyped him up to do it. My entire hood calls Richard Tupac. I have been knowing Richard since the late 80's and early 90's. I'm the cat who tattooed Thug Life on his stomach. Richard has always had a good heart and that is the thing that has been robbed in the media and music business. People always pump the Death Row Era and Thug Life in a negative thug angle. But Pac's heart wasn't actually that way. He was a revolutionary. He was more like a prophet and a panther at heart than he was a thug or a gangster. Richard has the same heart. It doesn't even matter if Richard looks like Pac because the guy in the Notorious B.I.G, movie looks nothing like Pac. But Richie looks very similar to Pac. It is a given. We know this so it makes no sense for him to discriminated against. Johnny Depp just got finished playing Tonto in the Lone Ranger and he is not Indian. Al Pacino is Italian and he played a Cuban. In Bob Dylan's bio several actors got to play him at different stages of his life. None of them looked like him. But it was their portrayal of that moment in his life that stood out.”

The next caller by the name of Kristen called in and this is what she had to say.

“I called in to show my love and support. Richard should get the chance to audition. Everyone that wants to audition should. If they don't feel they fit the role then that is fine. I don't think they should be rejected and not even get the chance to audition. They shouldn’t discriminate because of age and race and stuff like that. Everyone should have the opportunity to audition.”

To support Richard or push for him to get a chance to audition for “Tupac Shakur Biopic” follow his Instagram @Thugangel12.

Watch Richard Garcia acting and view Slideshow of him on left hand side of article.

To listen to entire radio interview between Hollywood Music Examiner and Richard Garcia go here;

To book Richard you can e-mail his manager at or you can find him on His Twitter handle is @thugangel11.

Richard's future plans besides the Tupac movie is to continue acting. Richard ended show by giving the following messages “Shout outs to my family and my seven beautiful kids. I love each and everyone of you. Shout outs to my lovely wife we're about to make 8 years together. A shout out to my manager, everyone in Jersey City, and the whole entire state. Shout outs to people on the west coast. Shout out to Spice. God willingly I will one day make my way there. I thought I was going to be down there for this film but it looks like I will be out there for different terms.”

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