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Radical Reels Tour 2014 action sports films coming to a town near you

The Radical Reels Tour 2014 is on the road and may be coming to a town near you. Action-packed and high adrenaline is what it’s all about with Radical Reels. This year’s line-up looks as though it’ll definitely live up to the standards of absolute extremeness and radically independent spirits. Here are a few of the short films that will be showing at the Radical Reels Tour.

Images from Radical Reels 2014 action sports films
Images from Radical Reels 2014 action sports films
From the film: Be The Trail © Michelle Peters
Radical Reels Tour 2014 action sports films coming to a theater near you
Banff Centre/Radical Reels

Arrival features the talents of the next wave of mountain bike riders and photographers with diverse styles, new lines and new places.

Beyond the Drop brings six pro kayakers from around the world together in the rainforests of Southern Mexico to explore the Agua Azul. Kayakers and running waterfalls lead to more than just a drop.

Nine Queens – Shades of Winter is four minutes of the best female freestyle skiers throwing down insane tricks on a 24-meter floating kicker in the shape of a castle. Some of these tricks will include things never done by girls before.

If you’ve heard of the name Pamela Shanti Pack, you know it involves off-width climbing. Off-Width Outlaw will show you just how tough and serious she is about off-width climbing.

What happens when you put a twenty-something world-class bouldering climber with a 43-year-old climbing veteran? You get Daniel Woods and Yuji Hirayama in The Sensei. This unusual pair of climbers team up for the expedition of a lifetime to take on Hirayama’s unfinished project in Borneo at the summit of Mount Kinabalu.

Check out the Radical Reels Tour schedule on their Web site to see where you can catch a showing of these sensational extreme sports films. This is highly recommended for adventure seeking adrenaline junkies.

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