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Radical feminist: Abolish white race, abolish men

If Lierre Keith had her way, there would be no white people, and all men would be eradicated from the earth, according to a video posted to YouTube on Sunday by Daylight Disinfectant. Keith, Daylight Disinfectant said, is a radical feminist with an organization called "Deep Green Resistance" who made her opinions known at something called the “Radfems Respond” conference held at the Multnomah County Library in Portland, Oregon.

Radical feminist calls for end to white race, men.
Screen capture/Daylight Disinfectant

"Radical feminists are critical of gender itself. We are not gender reformists - we are gender abolitionists," said literature handed out by Keith. "Without the socially constructed gender roles that form the basis of patriarchy, all people would be free to dress, behave and love others in whatever way they wished, no matter what kind of body they had."

According to its website, Deep Green Resistance encourages men to "fail at masculinity," claiming that is the "only hope" for planet Earth.

During her speech, Keith said lesbians are seen as role models in her version of reality, and falsely claimed "right-wing" people on school boards are preventing the teaching of science in classrooms.

"In the world I picture, lesbians are not rarely valued and prioritized but are seen as role models," she added.

She also argued that the "sex class men is simply male privilege and gender identity and it needs to be abolished if women are ever to be free."

Keith, however, was just getting started, finishing her speech with a call for the end of masculinity, religion and economics.

"Liberty and a living planet will only be won when masculinity, its religion, its economics, it's psychology and its sex is resisted and finally defeated," she continued.

Keith's website describes her as a "writer, radical feminist, food activist, and environmentalist." Among her works is a 2011 book called "Deep Green Resistance," which "evaluates strategic options for resistance, from nonviolence to guerrilla warfare, and the conditions required for those options to be successful."

A petition at called for the conference to be cancelled and said Keith's presence at a recent Public Interest Law Conference "caused a huge outcry, with many environmental, activist, and governing organizations and thousands of supporters denouncing her speech."

Video of Keith's remarks can be seen above.

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