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Radical anti-Obama Democrat loses in Texas senate primary

When thinking of radical and extreme politicians who are making a run for office, it's usually the right-wing who produces them. In this case, a radical Democrat was attempting to win a primary in the state of Texas.

Anti-Obama posters were used by Kesha Rogers during her campaign
Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Her name is Kesha Rogers and she was running in the Democrat primary for a seat in the Senate. A follower of the Lyndon LaRouche, a controversial activist who takes a hard stance against both liberals and conservatives and pushes extreme conspiracy theories, Rogers had called for the impeachment of President Obama. Following the LaRouch movement, the Huffington post points out that Rogers was promoting controversial campaign posters against President Obama, comparing him to Hitler.

"Rogers is a follower of Lyndon LaRouche, who heads a fringe political movement that has been compared to a cult. His supporters are often seen carrying signs depicting Obama with a Hitler mustache. One of Rogers' own campaign posters features that image, and reads, "Down with the Traitor! Impeach!"

Rogers has compared Obamacare to the policies of the Nazi regime."

At the end of the race, Democrats and liberals can breathe a sigh of relief as Rogers fell in defeat to David Alameel, a dentist from Dallas who was backed by the Texas Democratic Party. Alameel will attempt to defeat his Republican challenger, incumbent Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) who is expected to win in a landslide.

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