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‘Radiantly You’ launches as a direct sales company

Radiantly You, a direct sales company, with environmentally safe products. Here's display table 1
Radiantly You, a direct sales company, with environmentally safe products. Here's display table 1
Anna Renault

Melissa Brown became a new mother and wanted to insure that all the products she was using in her home were safe for her baby. She also wanted to insure there were no toxins, chemical additive or preservatives that were not only safe for her personal use but also for the environment. So, she went on a research mission to find the safest products she could find.

The founding members from across the USA gathered in Buffalo NY for the company's formal launch.
Courtesy of Radiantly You

And, she was disappointed!

The options currently on the market were extremely limited. They didn’t quite meet her standards in one way or another. The results of the search convinced her that she could gather safe ingredients and make some products herself.

And, she did!

She also started the company, “Radiantly You,” and was selling her products on the internet. Within just a few years she realized it was important to expand the company. Once again she went on a search for the best person to help convert the company to a “direct sales company.” In California, she found the awesome Ralph Flynn who had many years of successful experience. With that chore done, she also continued her search for the best possible ingredients.

Husband, Nick Brown, also has some background in direct sales. With his experience and expertise in setting up the website and handling many of the operational aspects, the products are hand-made and shipped as orders roll in.

On June 28, 2014, the company, “Radiantly You,” launched at a celebration in Buffalo, New York with several dozen Independent Wellness Guides (IWGs) who are the direct sales force for the company. With a mission to be accessible to all, to be reasonably prices and to be transparent with all ingredients, Melissa and her partner, Nick, agreed that they would also be philanthropic – donating at least a small percentage of all sales to help support the farming co-op that is the source of at least one of the company’s main ingredients, palm oil.

Melissa Brown used the opportunity to celebrate her thirtieth birthday with a fabulous trip to Cameroon, Africa to meet the farming co-op that has a fantastic work ethic that insures safe and sustainable harvesting and packaging of the oil. Having never traveled to a third-world country, Melissa’s heart went out to the villagers, especially the children. Upon her return she has vowed to help support the school in the village to insure these children can have an education that will lead to bigger, better and safe trade contracts using their natural resources in a sustainable and profitable manner. Throughout the month of July, each order that is $50-or-more will provide meals for a child for one week. An awesome charitable gift from the company! Other special projects will occur to help supply the school with books and supplies.

"I want this company to be accessible by everyone. I look forward to having a product that is environmentally safe, affordable for people to buy and use, and transparent with ingredients available to all who purchase them," said Melissa Brown, co-founder and CEO of Radiantly You.

With sources for the best ingredients, with a small town in upper New York needing jobs, a village in Africa that needs fair trade, and a mission to improve the toxicity of the earth through man-made cleansers and beauty products, the Radiantly You launch was successful and its future is very bright.

To view the catalog, place an order or even ask questions, visit here: "Radiantly You"

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