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Racy Reindeer, An interview with Rudolph


A candid Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

With just 22 Days before the opening of Who Killed Santa?, (December 4th - 27th Bay View Brew Haus 2535 S. KK) and anticipation growing faster than a six year old’s wish list, Milwaukee Theatre Examiner is interviewing each one of the show’s characters.

Milwaukee Theatre Examiner previously interviewed Frosty the Snowman. Today, we have the distinguished pleasure of hearing from that most famous of holiday icons, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. The scarlett-schnozzed sleigh leader talks about his life, work, and his feelings about the theatrical production of Who Killed Santa? (Reservation information for Who Killed Santa? follows interview.)

And now, without further ado, ladies and gentleman, heeeeeeres Rudolph!

Milwaukee Theatre Examiner: Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule and granting Milwaukee Theatre Examiner an interview.

Rudolph Reindeer: Milwaukee what? I thought this was for MTV.

MTE: Uh, no. It’s Milwaukee Theatre Examiner. News about local live theatre in the Milwaukee area. Profiles, reviews, previews–

RR: Okay, okay. Whatever. Let’s make this quick. What do you wanna know?

MTE: What do you do during the off season, the other 364 days of the year when Christmas isn't going on?

RR: Yer, looking at it. [Takes a drink.]

MTE: Okaaay. How does it feel to be the offspring of a song?

RR: It’s pretty sweet. Just ask Bo Jangles. I am cemented in the minds of millions of people as a lovable holiday character. No matter what I do, people will always think of me as a sweet innocent individual. I’m basically impervious to slander.

MTE: I hear you’ve done some stand-up comedy. How did that work out?

RR: Yeah, I tried it for awhile. Played some of the clubs. I wore glasses and did some Woody Allenesque type schtick. 'How can I believe in God when only last week I got my antlers caught in the roller of an electric typewriter?' But I didn’t make many people laugh. I guess no one likes a Jewish Rudolph.

MTE: Yeah, I see. And what to the rumors about you and Blitzen?

RR: What rumors?

MTE: Well, the rumors that you and Blitzen are uh, y’know, together.

RR: What? That’s antelope pucky! I don’t know how these things get started. Look, this is what happened: Blitz-face wanted me to show him some flying moves. So okay, I take him up and tell him how to pump his hooves. Word must have got out because the next thing I know, some playwright–

MTE: Neil Haven?

RR: Yeah, this Neil Haven guy writes all these lies about me in a play called Who Killed Santa? I know it’s just a play and people understand it’s all made up but I mean really.

MTE: Okay, fair enough. And about Who Killed Santa?, what do you think of the show?

RR: Oh, it’s funny as hell! I love it!

MTE: You do?

RR: Yeah. Sophia Petropoulos plays me and she is the bees knees. Hilarious-- hilarious stuff. I think I snorted up all my drinks and shorted out three bulbs [sardonic laughter] laughing at her performance last year. Her characterization is right on. Exactly right.

MTE: So, what makes your nose red?

RR: I have no idea. I need another drink.

MTE: Has anyone ever mentioned that maybe you drink a little too much?

RR: Uh, you’re from Milwaukee, and you’re asking me this?

MTE: Touché. Do you ever drink and fly?

RR: Never. Well, maybe once I did. Maybe twice. Okay, I do all the time. But who cares? What’s important is that I get Santa where he needs to go on time. If I have a little warm-me-up once in a while, then what’s the trouble?

MTE: Is this why you haven’t had any new TV Specials recently?

RR: What? I don’t know. This interview’s getting a little too personal and I gotta get outta here. Happy hour at the Brew Haus is almost up. Anything else?

MTE: What else would you like us to know about Who Killed Santa?

RR: Baby new year, haven’t we talked about that enough!? Go to the damn show and see for yourself!

MTE: Okay okay, just one last question.

RR: Yeah?

MTE: Won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?

RR: You gotta be kidding me. I’m out!

W h o  K i l l e d  S a n t a? runs December 4th through December 27th 2009 at the Bay View Brew Haus. 2535 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. The show is co-directed by Laurie Birmingham and Dan Katula and features Amy Geyser, Bo Johnson, Rick Pendzich, Sophia Petropoulos, Nate Press, and Liz Shipe. Curtain times are 8:00pm Fridays, 4:00pm and 8:00pm Saturdays, and 7:00pm Sundays. No performance on December 25th.

To reserve tickets call 414-839-7801 or email Due to limited seating, reservations are highly recommended.

For more useful (useless) information and an eclectic hodgepodge of stuff including more photos, discussions, and silly posts visit the Who Killed Santa? Facebook Fan Page: Santa Slayers Inc.

Rudolph and the Puppetrators of W h o  K i l l e d  S a n t a?