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Racy photos: NSA workers ogle and share your intercepted racy photos?

Racy photos intercepted by the NSA are often passed around and shared among co-workers said Edward Snowden in his latest reveal.
Wikimedia Commons

NSA workers who are combing over the intercepted communications among private citizens would often have a field day when someone was seen naked or in a sexually compromising position. This is Edward Snowden's latest claim that conjurers up an even darker view of the people working at the NSA.

According to 11 Alive News on July 21, Snowden said many of the people who are intercepting communications and photos from everyday citizens are young males in their early 20s. The job is mundane, as they are looking over random photos, messages and other communications that they've taken from the public.

When a racy picture turns up, one of the NSA workers would turn to the guy next to him and show them what they found. That guy might say something like "Oh, hey, that's great. Send that to Bill down the way." Snowden said that once Bill gets it he might send it along to even more of his cronies, according to News Max today.

The incidents are routine enough that they happen every couple of months. He called this "the fringe benefits of the surveillance positions." These racy photos are coming from the nation's unsuspecting private citizens who may have thought their pictures would remain private between a friend or lover. Instead they are "routinely shared among intelligence workers" at the NSA, reports Snowden.

While this is happening across the U.S., in Britain, where the privacy laws are weaker than in America, snooping is even more "penetrating and widespread," said Snowdon. The "Five Eyes" alliance is stationed in Britain and "British intelligence platforms are used as a testing ground for the 'Five Eyes.'"

This is an alliance of five nations working together on these intercepted communications, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. It sounds as if they have they ability to run rampant through the private lives of citizens of the five countries.

Snowden said that these are records, messages and photos of your private lives that are intercepted from your private "communication stream," so this violates your rights. This sounds like an elaborate voyeurism scheme that's occurring under the umbrella of the law.

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