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Racist school lunch: Menu perpetuates stereotype instead of honoring history

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A racist school lunch, one that was originally concocted as part of a celebration to honor Black History month, had caused quite the uproar at a Northern California private school. Their choice of menu is what was deemed racist and the Carondelet High School for girls in Concord has issued and apology statement to parents and students, according to Yahoo Lifestyle on Feb. 7.

A group of the students wanted to come up with a lunch menu that would reflect and honor Black history month, but a menu of fried chicken, cornbread and watermelon was seen as a stereotype and in very bad taste. The lunch was considered a racist lunch and it caused backlash.

An assembly was held by school officials to discuss the matter and they created a letter that was sent home to the girls' parents. The letter basically said that in no way did the school mean to perpetuate racial stereotype.

A professor from the University of San Francesco, James Taylor, said that the stereotype of watermelon, fried chicken and cornbread comes from the same place where the "N" word originated.