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'Racist' parade float under investigation by the DOJ, Obama's America?

This float is under investigation from the DOJ
This float is under investigation from the DOJ

Only in Obama’s America would a parade float representing political satire warrant an investigation from the Department of Justice, but that’s exactly what’s happening.

On Independence Day of this year, a local farmer in Nebraska drove his float, which was an outhouse with a zombie in front of it bearing the words “Obama Presidential Library,” in his town’s parade and drew the ire of the Nebraska Democratic Party. Their response was that the float was among “worst shows of racism and disrespect for the office of the presidency that Nebraska has ever seen.”

When the NDP got involved it drew the attention of the NAACP, who then lodged a complaint with Obama’s Justice Department. The DOJ then contacted the town’s mayor and demanded a meeting with him and city administrators prior to meeting with representative of the NAACP and parade organizers.

The reason for all involved parties to come together for a meeting? So that they could draft a “plan to reevaluate the policies for what is allowed in the parade.”

Oddly enough, those who actually bothered to ask the creator of the float what the meaning behind it was, found that the zombie was intended to represent a victim of the VA scandal. However this doesn’t seem to matter to the DOJ, who’s more concerned with stifling free speech than they are upholding the law.

“The DOJ apparently told the city it had received concerns, including from the NAACP, regarding the float,” KMTV reported.

Those “concerns” haven’t been identified yet, however since there was no criminal wrongdoing or malicious activity we can assume what the real problem is - the fact that anybody dared make fun of our dearest leader in such a public manner, and anybody who does so will be immediately identified as “racist” and publicly shamed.

Where were all of these people when Bush was hanged in effigy, photo shopped to look like Satan, etc.?

Their silence was deafening then.

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