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Beginning in the 1950s when republicans were once again pushing for rights and equality for blacks, it began to become clearer and clearer that the way of equality was almost certainly going to win over the major portion of the American people. Lyndon Baines Johnson, who became president in the early 1960s, knew he had to change strategy. He had fought the Civil Rights movement of the Republicans in the 1950s. His new strategy as noted in Ronald Kessler, Inside the Whitehouse, pp. 33-34; was to be, “I will have those n*****s voting democrat for the next 200 years. He did this by using an evil concept found in the Bible. That anyone making a decision can be caused to make decisions according to what they receive as gifts. So no gifts were allowed to Judges. It is the voters who judge who should be elected. What LBJ did was to offer an obscured deal to blacks. Vote for us, thus giving us power and wealth and we will rid the south particularly and also the north of vestiges of discrimination.

Now despite the fact that many Republicans black and white had labored and died for what was being offered with out direct pay for it; the truth was Democrats had been the main obstacle to real freedom for the last 150 years. They came up with the KKK, they came up with black laws, and they came up with Jim Crow. A deal with Democrats could do almost immediately what in all those years, no Amendments or civil rights acts could; remove the opposition to what blacks wanted. So a partnership was made and cemented over time. Blacks vote for democrats and democrats promise them stuff. Unfortunately that system has all but destroyed the black family. Yet it works perfectly as LBJ said it would, for now more than 50 years, with about 150 more to go.

To facilitate this, racism must not be allowed to die. First people have been educated into a lie; that the Republican platform changed from one of freedom to oppression. No such thing has actually taken place. They say democrats and republicans switched places. No such thing has actually taken place. Next time some one tells you the parties switched ideologies, ask them to name the ones that were known racists and became republicans. They cannot. Only two people who became dixiecrats became republicans. The rest went back to being what they always were democrats. Then people were told that Blacks cannot be racists. They say that you can think, feel, say or do whatever towards whites and if you are black you cannot be racist. If they really believed this they would not call young conservative blacks, Uncle Toms. All this was and is a perfect set up to grow and nurture racism among blacks, while the ones that had used them over 150 years can continue to do so in a new way gaining and keeping power. It works.

A lot of blacks that I know buy into this. They actually believe they are loved by Democrats and hated by Republicans, now days. This is a truism that few can bring themselves to admit. If you call white men as a whole racists, if you call tea party whites and blacks racist and literally have no proof, the person accusing is the racist. The gifts of food stamps, housing (which democrat masters also gave them during slavery) has blinded their eyes to judgment, just as God warned.

Now there are groups of whites and blacks that say come off that plantation. You can do it. You do not have to take crumbs. You don’t have to be used. You don’t have to be afraid because there is better ways to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; they are the very ones that are disparaged. This explains a lot of today’s racism coming from backs, which is what this article is about, a somewhat programmed racism. Racism totally different from the one I saw and mentioned in the early part of this article. That racism, though misguided and applied to all whites, was borne of some facts and personal experience. This racism coming from many blacks today is based upon the desire to put others down to get what they want politically. That is a lot of what constituted the racism of past ages. It is more than a little ironic that people, no matter the race, as a whole never change. Their manner amounts to an attitude of, “I will get mine by any means necessary.” So we see the lies, distortions and miss-characterizations put on conservative Christians are but another version of what racism has done in the past. Let’s overcome it with truth.

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