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Racist accusation after student wears all white and makes sign of W

Blair Staalduine suspended for wearing all white and making the sign of a W with his hands
Blair Staalduine suspended for wearing all white and making the sign of a W with his hands
WHO-TV screenshot

Blair Van Staalduine was accused of being racist after he wore all white and made the sign of a “W.” Van Staalduine of Marshalltown, Iowa was suspended for three football games this fall. The suspension comes after the young man posted a photo of himself on social media. In the image, he is reportedly looking enthusiastical as he decorated himself in white. He also made the “W” sign with his hands which allegedly stands for white, according to NBC News-affiliate WHO-TV on Thursday.

At this, the principal of Marshalltown Senior High School – Aiddy Phomvisay - concluded that the image on social media was racist because he believes that the hand sign is a white pride symbol. To all of this, the young athlete’s parents are stepping up to respond to the principal’s assertion. In fact, the parents are now planning to sue over the fact the principal has labeled their son a racist and that their son has been suspended from playing in high school football games.

The mother of the young man, Cathy Van Staalduine, says that she is absolutely appalled at the entire situation. She says that her son is appalled, as well. The furthest thing from her son, Blair, is that he is being racist, according to the mother.

As far as the student wearing white, it has been explained that the high school’s colors are red, white, and blue. Furthermore, Van Staalduine wore white because the Marshalltown High School’s officials had asked students of his class to wear white during the school’s spirit week activities. The mother claims that the actual school chose the colors that each grade would be wearing to the activities during spirit week, and juniors were asked to wear white. She said that her son is active in school and in response to the request, he dressed from head to toe in white.

She also explains why he made the letter “W” with his hands in the photo. The mother said that her son was assigned the letter “W” and explained that if they were wearing orange he would have made the letter “O.” Her explanation didn’t help matters. She says that she spoke personally to the principal and he called her a racist. When contacted about the bizarre incident, the school fell back on the usual student confidentiality excuse and refused to talk about the incident.

Marshalltown Senior High School is a public school located at 1602 South Second Avenue in the town of Marshalltown, Iowa. The school is the home of the Bobcats and serves students in grades 9 through 12. The school is in the Marshalltown Community School District and its superintendent is Dr. Marvin L. Wade, Jr. According to a Daily Caller report on the story, the town is 85 percent white.

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