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racism in the glbt community


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     Today, sadly, racism is still very much alive. Acts of racism occur in America everyday, and it is still very much a problem in America as well as in other countries. Though racism in the GLBT community is not as prevalent as in the general population, it still very much exists. Acts of racism coupled with discrimination has been reported by ethnic groups of gays and lesbians all over the country.
      When do we as a community take a stand? When do we try to set the standard by keeping negativity out of our community and try to stand united? Black gay poet Marlon Riggs once complained that when he moved to San Francisco’s Castro district decades ago that he was not acknowledge in the gay community; Riggs explained that he was still a black man with no voice in a community of his own people ( Many gays all over the country are coming out with stories of racism that have been issued by bar owners as well as other people within their community.
     James Smith of Minneapolis says a bar singled him out due to the color of his skin, he also stated that he had visited another bar where they refused to serve him. Smith says that the twin cities gay area seems to be one that is not welcoming to all ( Hopefully we can start making some changes within our community, because it is already bad enough that we have to deal with the stigmas and stereotypes that society puts on us, at least we can find away to come together and not come against one another.


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