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Racism alive and well in US even in the lottery


Getty Images-Chip Somodevilla-Ag Secretary Vilsack

Is Racism alive and well in the good old USA? Well we've recently had the Sherrod Affair, the Tea Party self rebuke, the GOP and now we've discovered racism in the lottery. That's right in the lottery.

It seems there are folks who would rather travel halfway across town to buy their lottery tickets than by chance have someone of an ethnic persuasion they don't like get a piece of the action. I just discovered this today.

I stepped up to purchase a ticket in California's Super Lotto Plus Game at my favorite liquor store when I learned this fact. I wondered out loud to the clerk where I have shopped for years in my neighborhood that if I had a crystal ball and could look ahead and saw that the owner of this liquor store never had gotten rich by having a big winner, then why should I continued to buy tickets here? You see if a person wins the lottery so does the owner of the store where the winning ticket was purchased. The owner gets a percentage paid to him as well. It may be say 5-percent. Well 5-percent of $10 million is quite a chunk.

The clerk then pointed out to me something very disturbing.

"We have customers who come all the way across town to buy their lottery tickets here rather than in their own neighborhoods because the stores there are owned by Arabs," the clerk related. "They don't want the Arab owners of those stores to share in the winnings if they do indeed win the big money."

Wow! That was an eye opener. I've seen this kind of racism before but never as it applied to the purchase of a lotto ticket. Does this apply to the Indians and Pakistani's who run 7-11's and AM PM Mini Marts, does it apply to the Korean grocer who sells Lotto tickets to help pay the rent? Does it apply to the African American and Mexican store owners selling lottery tickets? Yep, racism is alive and well in the good old USA.

Shirley Sherrod was dismissed from her Agriculture Department job over an incident 25 years ago when she dealt with a white farmer in what was perceived as racist terms. When all the facts came in Ag Department Secretary Tom Vilsack apologized realizing it was probably quite the opposite. She's been offered an apology, a new position and is considering her options. The White House evidently moved before getting all the facts.

Members of the Tea Party have had their own troubles lately and moves were made within the movement to clean up their own racist image. One of the conservative branches got rid of their top guy when he made a tongue in cheek speech which was taken as racist. However, The Caucus which is a news blog, quoted one of the Tea Party folks with a strange statement. Tito Munoz, is a Colombian immigrant and host of a Spanish Language conservative radio talk show. He was outspoken with these comments.

“They have called us racists,” Mr. Munoz of Woodbridge, Va., said. “They have called us many names and they have insulted the Americans who are against big government and socialist policies. We do not want a socialist democracy. We want a constitutional republic back to the basics of how it was founded.”

Lest Mr. Munoz forget his history. It was founded with the institution of slavery still in tact and legal. There were those in the government such as Adams and Jefferson who fought this but they could not keep slavery from being the law of the land below the Mason-Dixon Line. And if memory serves correctly it wasn't until the Civil War when it was finally abolished as law.

Then there was that judge in Texas who refused to marry mixed race couples, the racist comments during the campaign of Mr. Obama's former minister, and the GOP itself which will stop at nothing to keep an Obama program from getting passed even if it something they are usually in favor of. There are the weekly media addresses. During the first year the first African-American president took office the GOP speakers were narrowly gapped. Over 40% of the Republican speakers were from former slave states, about the same number were from states with large black urban populations, none were from the liberal state of New York and only one was from California. She wasn't even an elected official but a person who wants to be.

Racism really is alive and well in this great country but it really shouldn't keep you from buying a lottery ticket at your neighborhood mini-mart.


  • Devon Wiens 5 years ago

    Bob, thanks for the racism article. I think you're right on target. I witness the same sick attitude around here, even in church. I'm tired of the we (whites) vs. them (Hispanics) talk. I was part of a little circle of conversation outside the church one Sunday; we were speaking about the terrorist scourge, which people seemed to think was an indictment against all Arabs/Moslems. One guy said, "I hate all Arabs." What a great example of Jesus' teaching involving love for enemy!

    I do read at least your lead article and occasionally sidebars as well. Keep up the good work!

    Your 'ole, feeble friend,

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