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Racism acceptable for children, not basketball players

 Adam Silver Press conference
Adam Silver Press conference
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

National Basketball Association Commissioner Adam Silver fined Don Sterling, Los Angeles Clippers basketball team owner $2.5 million, banned him from running his team and associating with the NBA for life. These unprecedented penalties were lodged as a result of Sterling’s racist comments, privately shared, but recorded. (Terlep, Karp, Jones, Wall Street Journal 4/30/14)

Nebraska’s former Education Commissioner, Robert Breed promoted false divisions: “…diverse (multi-racial), high-poverty schools should have different expectations for student achievement…” (Margaret Reist, Lincoln Journal Star 1/10/12) Apparently, the reason Breed was not fined $2.5 million was that he used the subtle code words “diverse” and “high-poverty”, rather than Sterling’s more direct statements. Racism with a politically correct and popular veneer.

Allegations and examples of racism in America persist despite human genome research which traces all human ancestry back to tribes which migrated out of Africa. Researchers declared there is but one race, the human race. Race is not biological or scientific, rather an ideology whose passions and perceptions are exploited by some to classify, dissect, control and influence. “The most devastating legacy of European control of Rwanda was the transformation of social distinctions into ‘races’.” Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda (WSJ 4/7/14)

The Kids Count report “Race for Results: Building a Path of Opportunity for All Children” released April 1, 2014 reveals odds against children of color are staggering. “In fact, kids of color in Nebraska fare poorer than many of their peers in other states.” (Erin Andersen, LJS 4/1/14)

Research shows the distribution in the range of IQ is the same throughout the population. (The Rising Curve, Neisser 1998) Yet, in 2013, the average reading score for Nebraska Black fourth grade students was 202, below the basic level. Across the nation, average reading scores for Black fourth grade students from 1992-2013 remained below basic, increasing just 14 points: 192-206. (NAEP 2013)

Knowledge is power. During our brief history as a nation, slave codes criminalized teaching slaves to read, write or provide them with books to ensure control of that population.

Reading is a simple skill if taught correctly, phonics and only phonics first. Phonemes are how language developed in the brain over thousands of years. Phonics is how reading in the brain works. Why are Black children, in 2013, not being taught to read? Why don’t our leaders or the media seem to care? Is that not racism at its worst?

Our nation must openly deal with the invented racist framework of our schools. A note home to parents in Oregon, “If you are an African-American parent/guardian or have an African- American student attending Parkrose you are invited to an evening with the Superintendent...” (Renee Nal, 3/15/14)

“The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life.” (Plato, The Republic 427 BC-347 BC) Turmoil in our cities, schools and economy reflect how our education system has started our youth.

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