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Racing excitement is measured in split seconds

Patrick racing wiht Dale Earnhardt Jr
Patrick racing wiht Dale Earnhardt Jr
Photo by Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

This is an article about two brief moments durng the Sprint Cup race in Kansas on Saturday night. As a life-long fan, I have always had to watch every race from start to finish. If I am recording it for some reason, I do not want anyone to tell me anything about it. I want to see every second for myself.

I know many people who call themselves fans who only want to watch the last few laps. They think that all that matters is who wins. Even my husband who shares my passion for the sport will often come in and watch the last 50 laps or so.

If you want to really understand why people become fanatics, you need to watch an entire race. The most exciting moments can happen at any time and you may miss them if you blink.

Saturday night’s race held two of these priceless moments. Danica Patrick has taken her share (actually much more than her share) of criticism since beginning her NASCAR racing career. The fans love her, the sponsors love her. The media and the other drivers have not been so kind or accepting.

If all of the other drivers will take time to watch the entire race from Saturday night, they might change their opinion about Danica’s driving skill as well as her right to have a Sprint Cup ride. She drove an incredible race from start to finish, earning a 7th place finish, the best of her career. The moment that she passed both Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Tony Stewart in one move was PRICELESS!

I am a devoted Dale Jr, fan but I was jumping up and down and cheering like a lunatic when she made that pass. It was such a proud moment and it should make all of her critics reconsider much of what they have said about her.

The other priceless moment for me was watching the young rookie driver, Kyle Larson racing against veteran driver, Greg Biffle. Biffle can be a bit difficult and has been known to speak against less experience drivers as if they should pay respect to their elders by moving over and letting them pass or by not racing them so hard when they are racing side by side.

When Kyle Larson found himself on the bottom of a three wide situation, with Greg Biffle to his outside, he could have backed off. Many young drivers might have done just that. Not so much out of respect but perhaps out of fear. That can be a scary situation to find yourself in.

Kyle Larson just drives. I have said this many times about this young man. He never seems to care who it is that he is racing against. It appears that he may never even consider who the other driver is. He just drives. He chose to hold his position and eventually, he ended up taking the spot away from Biffle. I expect Biffle wasn’t too happy. I expect Kyle Larson does not care.

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