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Racine's Restaurant--The hangover must-have


It's Sunday morning. You're waking up on a friend's couch after a really crazy and late night out with their dog's wet nose and tongue giving you a rough awaking. Headache? Check. Stomach ache? Check. Need to wear sunglasses inside? Check. Complete hangover in full gear? Double check.

Now everyone has their own individual Sunday morning cure to the previous night's hangover, but nothing really works like time and two great breakfasts, because let's be honest, your hang over cure actually started about 7 hours ago when you and your friends found yourselves at a Denny's at 2 o'clock in the morning. That was breakfast number one.

Breakfast number two--aka brunch--is an important decision. A hangover demands patience, understanding, time to relax, and comfort food. A lot of breakfast places often have limited space and exist in the "trendy" areas of Denver that make them hard to get to if you are driving, hard to get into thanks to long wait time, and are loud and noisy with lots of people crammed in. No bueno for a handling a hangover with grace and style.

Enter Racine's Restaurant in Southeast Denver, scoring a 3.5 out of 5 stars on (underrated a bit?) sporting a strong history of awards for best breakfast and the like, and just recently celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Racine's has a cool and jazzy ambiance from the moment you drive up to their free valet. That's right, parking is not an issue! Upon entering you are treated to a view of the dining room that feels wide open, modern, and yet classic in a Mad Men sort of way. The wait isn't long, but if you do have to wait, you can treat yourself to a beermosa or other hangover-easing drink at the central bar.

While the weather's nice, nothing beats chilling on their outdoor patio perusing a tried and true menu full of options from the more traditional to the more exciting choices, such as green chili omelets and gingerbread pancakes--YUM! Not to mention their options for lunch and dinner, and serving sizes are decent and prices won't break the bank.

If you have a hangover that needs special attention, or even if you're just not one for being crammed into a tiny restaurant and waiting forever just to be seated, then Racine's might be for you. Great food and a great vibe. Highly recommended for those seeking a stylish place to brunch with a good selection of drinks and the space to breathe and enjoy your meal.

Location: 650 Sherman St., Denver CO 80203


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