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Racial hatred in Denver: Black mob breaks man's jaw and fractures his face

A New Black Panther Party member
D. Davis/Getty Images

The latest black mob violence happened in downtown Denver on New Year's Eve. Police say Nick Lloyd, and his friend were waiting for a ride near 20th and Market streets when they were attacked by a black mob.

The attack left Lloyd with his jaw broken on both sides, and his face was fractured in several places. The report says that his whole cheek is caved in, swollen and bruised.

Lloyd and his friend were victims of the "knockout" game. This type of attack is happening in cities across America from Philly to St. Louis. There have been dozens of attacks by black mobs in Denver over the last four years.

One attack that happened in downtown Denver was when the man was leaving a bar with three of his buddies. The men encountered a group of black people with the intentions of inflicting harm on the white men.

A black women in the group of men told the victim, before the attack, “I hate you f—ing white people.” The man asked: “Why do you hate white people?” That's when 15 to 20 of the men swarmed him and beat him to the ground.

The man said he just curled up on the ground shielding his face trying to protect himself while hoping they didn't beat him to death. Black mob violence has caused the death of several victims. An example of this was when black thugs murdered a combat soldier in Oct.

The soldier was walking home with his buddies; he had just returned home from the combat zone and was celebrating his soon coming separation from the military when he was killed. He died in one of his buddies' arms on a sidewalk in Lakewood, Wash.

Instances of black mob violence are becoming more commonplace across America. Most of the media washes over the violence, making excuses for the black offenders and failing to report on the race of the attackers.

Colin Flaherty who writes for World Net Daily (WND) reports the black mob violence is being blamed on a "collective mental illness." 'It appears to some that the black community is still suffering from traumatic syndrome of slavery." This is the kind of ridiculous excuses some in America are making for blacks who participate in mob violence.

As absurd as it sounds that is the official diagnosis, by unanimous agreement, by the city council in Wilmington, DE. Councilwoman Shabazz said:

"There is a well known fact that the African-American community here in the United States of America is still suffering from the traumatic syndrome of slavery.

That is compounded with the many effects that are happening in today’s society with our young people and the things they are seeing, and there is definitely a shift of mental capacity of their ability to make good decisions. That results in gun violence.”

Most black leaders, like Sharpton and Jackson have been mostly silent about the racial violence. However, some black commentators are speaking out against it. They have said that "most (of the offenders) are suffering not from racism from white folks but from lack of moral character."

James Harris of WTMJ Milwaukee said, "this was not a color-blind crime. We have this epidemic of black teenage mob violence happening all over the country. It is from a perfect storm of entitlements, political correctness and white guilt where people are afraid to identify who are doing the crimes and why they are doing it."

Attorney Abdul Hakim-Shabazz wrote in the Indiana Barrister, "It’s time for some tough love in this town. There is a criminal element in this town that consists primarily of young black men."

He further added, "Indianapolis, you have a problem. Your problem is young, black men who are out of control. It’s time to step up and start making examples out of people."

Christianity Examiner Commentary

The word of God says in Proverbs that "hatred stirs up strife." This is so true and the hatred in the world grows deeper as each second ticks by taking us further into the abyss of moral decay. The hostility between the races is fueled by prejudice. It's sad how it remains a deeply rooted part of so many cultures in our nation.

The first thing we need to understand is there is only one race—the human race. Caucasians, Africans, Asians, Indians, Arabs, and Jews are not different races, but rather they are different ethnicities of the human race. All of us have the same physical characteristics with some variations. We have all been created in the image of God.

Perhaps there will be some reading this article who will call this Examiner a racist, but the facts speak for themselves. The FBI reports that among single-bias hate crime incidents, in 2012, there were 3,467 victims of racially motivated hate crime. The FBI says that 48.5 percent of the victims of racial hate crimes were targeted because of the offender’s bias against a race.

Statistics from the FBI shows out of those racial hate crimes; 66.2 percent were victims of an offender’s anti-black bias. Only 22.0 percent were victims of an anti-white bias.

Racism has been a plague on mankind for thousands of year and in various forms and degrees. It's time to end the racial hatred because there are more problems in the world that should be dealt with.

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