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Racial hatred: Black thug murders combat soldier

CID investigate a crime scene
CID investigate a crime scene
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Making it home from combat safely is no small feat and is a cause for celebration and joy. Not only did Tevin A. Geike return home safely he was about to be discharged from the service.

However, a night of celebrating ended in tragedy when Geike was murdered in a hate crime by a black thug.

Geike was with his friends, and he was walking back to his hotel room when he was killed.

Geike, Matthew Barnes and Clint Zimmerman were walking down a sidewalk in Lakewood, Wash. when five black thugs drove by and shouted a racial slur at them.

Barnes told police that one of the black men in the car shouted out to the white soldiers, calling them "cracker." Lt. Chris Lawler of Lakewood Police Dept. said, "one of the soldiers yelled back something about the suspects treating combat soldiers with disrespect.”

The car containing the black thugs turned around and came back toward the soldiers. Five men got out of the car and approached the soldiers. The report from World Net Daily (WND) says, a verbal confrontation began. However, the driver of the vehicle soon realized the soldiers were actually combat veterans and called his friends off.

As the black men headed back to their car, one of the suspects bumped into Geike, who then fell to the ground mortally wounded. The black thugs sped off as Barnes and Zimmerman rushed to the fallen Geike, who was already bleeding profusely. He'd been stabbed in the heart.

The New York Times reports that Barnes said he held Geike in his arms while calling 911. Barnes told KIRO TV, "I’m sitting here holding him, trying to stop the bleeding with my right hand and calling 911 with my left, screaming at them and trying to get them here,” Barnes said. “Right before I got off the phone, I couldn’t feel a heartbeat anymore, and he was gone.”

KOMO says the main suspect was wearing a hoodie. The suspects' car was either a BMW or Jetta with four doors, tinted windows and stock rims and low profile tires.

WND reports Zimmerman said, “I don’t understand how anyone could do this.” He gave his life for people to enjoy the freedoms they have and he was stabbed for no f***kin’ reason. What was it all over: Just because they were some white boys?”

Local commenters on Tacoma news sites said the part of town the soldiers were in was "predominately black and off limits for white people day and night." The Lakewood Police Dept. are searching for the suspects.

WND reports that Leo Knight a former police officer and security expert who covers crime for Vancouver24 said:

“Black on white racial violence is becoming more and more prevalent. But no one in the mainstream media wants to talk about it. Yet, as we saw in the Trayvon Martin case, the mainstream media couldn’t stop talking about that. The hypocrisy is palpable.”

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