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Racial feud continues after City of Spartanburg spent $5,000 on fence, driveway

Fence in Spartanburg was supposed to help feuding neighbors
Fence in Spartanburg was supposed to help feuding neighbors
Fox Carolina screenshot

Despite an upstate city spending thousands to ease the racial tension between two families, emotions are still high. Fox Carolina News updated the ongoing story May 19.

The city of Spartanburg spend $5,000 to pour a driveway and build a fence in hopes of a peaceful existence between two neighbors. Between both parties, police have been called to referee more than 60 times between March 2011 and March 2014.

A video can be viewed by clicking here. Be sure to read the article for additional comments made by both parties.

The dispute began over a shared driveway on East Fremont Avenue. The parties involved are Christina Whiteside, who is African-America, and Helen Owens, who is white.

Owens says Whiteside would block the driveway and refuse to move so she or a visitor could exit the property in their vehicle.

Whiteside blames Owens and her husband for the feud, saying they have called her racial slurs and threatened her children. According to Whiteside, the Owens family frequently calls police to her home.

The NAACP is now involved, after a Friday press conference saying Whiteside is being harassed because of her race. NAACP wants city officials to take action and stop the feud.

Whiteside spoke to Fox Carolina saying

"All I want is peace. I want to be able to stand in my yard and play with my kids with no problems."

Owens has her own version of the story, saying her neighbor told Owens and her husband

"We've been told we are in the wrong part of town, we didn't need to be here, we weren't welcomed."

Neither family is in a position to move out. Both houses are owned by the upstate Housing Partnership, a nonprofit organization that provides affordable housing based on income.

Will Rothchild, spokesman for the city of Spartanburg, had hoped the fence and separate driveways would put an end to the fighting. Unfortunately, neither Whiteside nor Owens see a peaceful solution to the situation.

A Spartanburg Housing Authority declined to comment on the case to Fox Carolina.

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