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Rachele Cateyes wages war against ad company over stolen bikini photo

Company stole this photo and posted it on their site as a "before" pic
Company stole this photo and posted it on their site as a "before" pic

Rachele Cateyes, the self proclaimed "Fat Babe" who runs a popular blog about body acceptance, was shocked after she discovered that an ad company stole her bikini photo and used it as the infamous "before" picture on their website, according to a March 13 report from Cosmpolitan.

Rachel Cateyes, who hails from Oregon, was made aware of the situation thanks to followers of her popular Nearsighted Owl blog. After she was tipped off of the unauthorized use of her pic, she proceeded to contact the company, Venus Factor, in hopes of getting her bikini photo removed from the site.

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She explained the incident via a post she made on her blog which read..... "I posted this photo on my blog and social networks in July of last year, with the intent to spread a powerful message about body positivity.I was unfortunately also turned into the unwilling face of a diet company called Venus Factor, without my permission or knowledge. I have heard of this happening to weight loss bloggers.... and I was completely taken off guard when it starting popping up as an ad on Facebook," Rachel Cateyes wrote.

According to KGW, she sent the company a Facebook message saying...“These photos were stolen from me and are being used to sell your product, I would like your help in having them removed.”

After initially being ignored by the company, thousands of her followers reached out to the diet company by emailing and reporting the issue. Their efforts seem to have paid off and Cateyes' photo is no longer on their website.

“It made me feel exposed and not in control of my own image,” Cateyes said to Yahoo Shine. “I’m used to negative attention [online], but for somebody to make money off of me? That really infuriated me.”

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