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Rachele Cateyes: 'Fat Babe' has bikini photo stolen on Facebook

Rachele Cateyes -- the self-proclaimed "Fat Babe" -- had a bikini photo of herself stolen and used in a dieting ad seen on Facebook. On March 13, The Inquisitr reported that Cateyes, who is very comfortable with her body, noticed that a picture she had previously taken was being used without her consent in an ad for Venus Factor -- a company that promotes weight loss.

Cateyes was angry to see her photo being used in such a way. Not only was it used without her consent but she felt as though she was being exploited -- and in many ways, she absolutely was.

Rachele Cateyes tried everything to get her photo taken down -- she went for visit to a local news station and even started a campaign on social media... and Venus Factor has responded -- but they haven't completely complied. Apparently Cateyes' photo still exists in these "ads" but they no longer link to the Venus Factor site. The story has now gone viral and more people have found themselves supporting Cateyes.

"Anchors away! I finally have myself a proper high-waisted fatkini. I took my body and put it on a beach and voila! Beach body! Wearing a bikini as a fat woman is an act of rebellion. I felt glorious and glamorous all at the same time. I wore my stretch marks as ribbons of honor and let the sun kiss my lumpy thighs and arms without a care in the world," Cateyes wrote of the photo when she originally posted it.

Check out Rachele Cateyes in the video above.

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