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Rachel Zoe turns down various TV offers to focus on being a mom

Rachel Zoe
Rachel Zoe
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Rachel Zoe filmed her popular show, “The Rachel Zoe Project,” for Bravo for five seasons but two years ago she decided to stop filming the show. With her first son Skyler running around the office, she wanted to focus on her clothing line, her styling business, her Zoe Report, and her family. She has supposedly gotten several television offers, but she isn’t about to return to reality television anytime soon. According to a new report published on April 6, Rachel Zoe wants to focus on her family, not her fame.

“The transformation has been a slow but profound one and it is definitely sticking,” a close source has revealed. “Rachel is an awesome mother and has really grown into it with grace and flair, but something had to give, which is why she axed her reality show – and she’s very glad she did.” Of course, Rachel was scared about balance when it came her business and her family but it sounds like she has found a good rhythm, even with her second child here.

But it isn’t surprising that she is turning down offers to be on television. While filming the show, she often talked about how she hated to be famous and well-known. “Rachel’s tired of being a famous face and is doubling down on her fashion expertise and her so-so selling line,” the source adds. “She’s turning down offers from networks for new shows. With the new baby, she says she’d have had a meltdown if she was still doing ‘Project.’”

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