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Rachel Zoe Fashion Week: Rachel Zoe cancels Fashion Week for baby

Rachel Zoe
Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images for The Weinstein Company

Rachel Zoe has cancelled her Fashion Week appearance because she needs to stay home with her kids. On Feb. 3, Huffington Post confirmed that Zoe would not be participating in New York Fashion Week this month because her newborn is too young to travel and he's too young to be without his mom for an extended period of time.

"As a new mother, my newborn son is too young to travel with me, and I'm unable to leave him for the amount of time required to appropriately prepare for the show in New York," she explained. She did say that she plans to reschedule her show for a later date in Los Angeles.

Rachel Zoe and Fashion Week generally go hand-in-hand but having children takes precedence over your career -- at least it should -- and sometimes it's just not possible to do both. While many were excited to see Zoe's 2014 collection, her decision is understandable -- and respectable.

This is an important time in Zoe's life and she needs to do what is right for her and for her children. Perhaps she shouldn't have waited this long to announce that she was canceling her show... but that's the business apparently.

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