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Rachel Wray scary loss: MMA fighter 'choked out' too close to death (Bout video)

Rachel Wray, the cheerleader turned MMA fighter was choked out to the point where she lost consciousness at Saturday night's MMA fights in Lakeland, Tennessee. Wray doesn't remember everything except for the horrific feeling like she was too close to death, a state she doesn't want to find herself in again in the ring, reports Fox News on July 16.

Rachel Wray, the MMA fighter, was scared after Saturday night's MMA bout. She was choked out to a point where she felt like she was near death and it scared her.
YouTube screen shot

While many think a lot of these moves are scripted, Wray is still carrying the residual effects of being choked out to the point where everything went to black. She said when she woke up, that was probably the scariest part of the bizarre event. She didn't know where she was or why all these people were around her.

AD Hoc News reports that Wray "gets her bell rung in her first competitive MMA bout in over a year," but it came with a horrific scare to the ex-cheerleader. Luckily for Wray this has not deterred her from going into the ring again, as something this frightening could render someone too scared to continue fighting. She did say she really couldn't find the right words to explain what happened to her. She did the best she could conveying the disturbing experience.

Wray describes the feeling of waking up like going into another dimension, one she didn't know existed and definitely one she doesn't ever want to be part of again. She admits this left her traumatized and she is experiencing short bouts of flashback-like feelings from being in that scary state.

The former Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader said that she was scared because "I felt like it was the same feeling as dying." Saturday's bout in the ring was the first time in a year that Wray has been in a MMA fight. It didn't last long as Jamie "The Pretty Assassin" Clinton was the opponent who chocked out Wray ending the match.

Jamie used a guillotine choke on Wray, which led to her black out. Wray's opponent posted a video to YouTube showing just what she did to the former cheerleader to claim the win on Saturday night. The video is posted above. Clinton is the one in the light trunks and as you can see, Wray didn't have much of a chance.

This "other dimension" feeling that Wray experienced sounds like the same thing kids were trying to obtain when playing those choking games that were popular a while back. There were reported accidental deaths after kids took this choke out game too far.

These choking games were prevalent last year, as described in an article from Salon back in 2013. When Wray says she felt as if she were close to death, there's a chance that she might have been, as teens trying to get that high by choking were accidentally killing themselves when going too far.

One mother explains heartache after she found her 13-year-old son hanging in his basement with his feet reaching the floor. He wasn't trying to kill himself, but this choking high attempt killed him. There is a fine line between becoming unconscious and dying when being choked like this and it sounds like Wray almost crossed that line.

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