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Rachel McAdams shocks Hollywood after she abruptly quits major film

Almost five years producers have been working on the sci-fi romantic film "Passengers." And now the film is experiencing delays after it was announced by The Hollywood Reporter on March 13 that Rachel McAdams has dropped out of the project.

Although several big Hollywood stars, such as Keanu Reeves, have been linked to the project from the outset, the production has been lagging for several reasons. Now it has been reported that film production is suffering even harder after the resignation of Rachel McAdams.

Apparently, the shooting was to commence on April 7, but Rachel McAdams is abandoning the project, which means there is very little time to find an actress to take her place.

'Passengers' is set in the future, where a spaceship is transporting people to colonize a distant planet. Because of a malfunction, a passenger is awakened 90 years before anyone else, and due to the terrifying idea of growing old and dying alone, Reeves' character decides to wake up a beautiful woman. They eventually realize it is up to them to save the entire ship.

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The truth is that Keanu Reeves hasn't been in a blockbuster film in a while and 2013 was a dismal year for the lead actor for 'Matrix.' But this situation has intensified over the past year because his latest project '47 Ronin,' a big budget blockbuster sponsored by Universal, proved to be a resounding commercial failure.

'Passengers' will not hit theaters on April 3, 2015 as scheduled and reportedly, Creative Artists Agency is seeking new buyers for U.S. rights.

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