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Rachel McAdams Passengers: Actress bails on film, Passengers on hold

Rachel McAdams will not star in Passengers.
Rachel McAdams will not star in Passengers.
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Rachel McAdams will not star in Passengers after all. The latest development has meant putting the film on hold indefinitely. It was slated to start filming next month, but now it the date has been pushed back. The premiere date was suppose to be April 3, 2015, but it is not expected to make that timeline.

EOnline reported March 14 reports that McAdams dropped out of the role, but there is no reason given for the sudden departure. Prior to this actress leaving the movie, Reese Witherspoon had the lead female role. In addition to all of this, Weinstein Co. withdrew financially supporting the independent film.

Two actresses departing the same role raises red flags for sure. What were their reasons for abandoning their commitments?

Were you looking forward to seeing Rachel McAdams on Passenger?

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