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Rachel McAdams drops off "Passenger" list opposite Keanu Reeves

Rachel McAdams drops out of "Passenger" leaving Keanu Reeves without a leading lady.

Rachel McAdams drops out of the film “Passengers” where she was due to star with Keanu Reeves in a futuristic space love story. The potential leading ladies list is getting shorter as McAdams was due to replace Reese Witherspoon, another actress who has moved on from the role, according to the Hindustan Times on March 15.

The movie “Passengers” freezes folks in a suspended sleep for hundreds of years until the ship they are on lands on a new colony in a far off galaxy. In this movie Reeve’s character wakes up 90 years before the rest of the ship due to a malfunction of his sleep chamber. He wakes up the character McAdams was due to play after his fears of dying alone get the best of him.

The film was due to start shooting on location in Germany on April 7, but it has been delayed while a new leading lady search begins. The “Game of Thrones” director, Brian Kirk is directing the film. There was once a time in history where filming opposite Keanu Reeves was everything a leading lady could want, what happened?

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