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Rachel Maddow: no human rights for 'racists'

Rache Maddow

Pointing out that Rachel Maddow is a poorly veiled fascist has become like pointing out that almost no one watches MSNBC anymore. It's beyond obvious in many ways. However, she does manage to depart from intellectual consistency so voraciously from time to time as to actually make her noteworthy. The latest obscenity published by her blog and written by Steve Benen, struggles to convince what's left of their readers to turn the other cheek on Cliven Bundy's property rights due to his allegedly racist comments. Benen smugly states:

Congratulations, Sean Hannity. You really know how to pick ‘em... Frankly, it was pretty obvious before that federal lawmakers like Rand Paul and Dean Heller were making a huge mistake rallying behind Bundy. When it comes to choosing a proper cause celebre, it’s best not to choose a man who’s said, 'I don’t recognize [the] United States government as even existing,' and whose supporters appeared prepared for a confrontation – a potentially violent confrontation – with American law enforcement.

In typical pseudo-liberal fashion, a constant willful ignorance of actual fact is exhibited throughout the entire article. For example, Benin repeatedly stigmatizes Bundy's supporters as "relying on the threat of violence to act above the law" while the reality is the only violence exhibited was the senseless and illegal killing of cattle by the Bureau of Land Management. No violence whatsoever was exhibited by militia members and other armed Americans. Also in keeping with what now passes for liberals, Benin exhibits either profound ignorance of, or contempt for the law he claims to defend, by ignoring that "relying on the threat of violence" is precisely written into the very founding laws of the United States. In fact, our laws specifically prohibit the federal government from using the threat of violence, while clearly allowing it for citizens as a means to respond to tyranny.

It's chilling to see Maddow and Benin shed all pretenses and directly suggest that due to being accused of racism, Cliven Bundy should not enjoy things like property rights. In their often shifting worldview, taking away one's basic human rights is less offensive than making some crude or mean comments. Benin cleverly describes standing up for this matter of principle as "rallying behind" Bundy, as if this is just another controversial flavor of the month like Snookie or Honey Boo Boo. The idea of some things being more serious than mere political tiffs doesn't appear to have occurred to Benen.

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