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Rachel Maddow autographs "Drift" at The Grove

It becomes obvious very quickly how genuine Rachel Maddow is when meeting her. Even for a few brief moments.

Maddow speaks as if she has known you for a long time. She seems extremely comfortable in her own skin and makes everyone who meets her feel the same way.
Peter Switzer
Standing in line to meet Rachel Maddow
Peter Switzer

A seemingly endless line of Maddow's fans filed around the block all toting her new book "Drift" ready to be signed were being strategically controlled by the Barnes and Noble crew talking into snazzy two way headsets.

Once inside within view of Rachel herself it was gripping the way she spoke to each new book owner as if she had known them all her life.

Albeit each was allowed approximately 1.7 seconds to talk before being escorted away by the "move along you can't block this egress" handsomely dressed security guard, it was immediately and abundantly apparent Maddow is the real deal.

"Drift" is a book about the ease in which the US has come to bring itself into war in recent decades.

It is neither a liberal, nor conservative leaning portrayal of the facts. It is an observation of the facts by an extremely intelligent student of politics and the world at large. "Drift is a book worth reading" wrote Roger Ailes!

I had my copy signed, put politics aside, and asked for her outlook on the 2012 Red Sox season. She answered with both arms raised high in the air; "The only way to go from here is up, so it looks good!" In true Sox fan fashion.

Maddow lives in Western Massachusetts and NYC with her partner artist Susan Mikula and her dog.


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