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Rachel Fryer-Tariji Gordon: Sanford, Fl., suitcase murder timeline

Rachel Fryer may have murdered two children

Rachel Fryer Sanford, Fl., Murder Case:WFTV Channel 9 is reporting today that an African-American Florida woman has been indicted for murder in the beating death of her daughter.

According to court records, Rachel Fryer, 32, was indicted on first-degree murder charges by a Seminole County grand jury for killing 2-year-old Tariji Gordon in February.

Rachel Fryer is also charged with one count of aggravated manslaughter and two counts of aggravated child abuse, along with one count of evidence tampering, according to News 13 Now.

Sanford Murder Case Summary

Rachel Fryer's life follows a trail of drug abuse and money problems over the years. Fryer had just recently been granted custody of her children. Sources say financial difficulties added to the stress of her household. She often complained about her children's misbehavior. The Sanford woman has an extensive criminal history record.

Timeline in the case of Rachel Fryer


Rachel Fryer's two-month-old son Tavontae L. Gordon dies in her home. Fryer tells child-welfare workers and police officials that the child died accidentally after she rolled over on top of him as they slept.


Rachel Fryer loses custody of her children.


Rachel Fryer's four children are returned to her custody.



Rachel Fryer kills her 2-year-old daughter and buries her in a shallow grave to cover up the crime.

Monday, February 10

Police are notified by a CPS worker that one of Rachel Fryer's four children is missing.

Tuesday, February 11

Police question 32-year-old Rachel Fryer about her missing child.

Rachel Fryer tells Sanford police that her daughter had an asthma attack and died. Fryer went on to state that she placed Tariji Gordon's dead body in a suitcase and buried it, instead of calling 911.

Sanford police arrest Rachel Fryer and charge her with aggravated child abuse.

Police investigators find the deceased child in a shallow grave behind an empty house in a rural part of town. Police say, the child's dead body was found buried in Putnam county between Crescent City and the Volusia County State line.

A candlelight vigil is held for Rachel Fryer's 2-year-old daughter.

February 17

Sanford police tell the public that they are taking another look at the death of Rachel Fryer's son Tavont'ae Gordon.

February 26

An autopsy examination confirms that Tariji Gordon's died from blunt force trauma.

Rachel Fryer is charged with the murder of her daughter and placed in the Seminole County Jail without bond.

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