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Rachel Canning, who sued parents for money, loses case

Rachel Canning will not get paid by parents for living expenses or lawsuit reimbursement
Rachel Canning will not get paid by parents for living expenses or lawsuit reimbursement

Rachel Canning, 18, who has been involved with a lawsuit against her parents in New Jersey, isn’t getting the money she sued her parents for - for living expenses and for the court costs involved with the case. The judge did agree to revisit her request for college tuition being paid by her parents, however. Rachel Canning sued her parents as she asserted that her parents kicked her out of the house. As a result, she wanted her parents to pay for her living expenses, her lawsuit costs, and for her college education, according to an ABC report on Wednesday.

Rachel’s father, who is a former police chief in Lincoln Park, New Jersey, said he’s dumbfounded, as well as his wife and other daughters. Currently, Rachel is an honor student and cheerleader at Morris Catholic High School in Denville.

Rachel claimed that, when she turned 18 years of age, her parents abandoned her and have refused to pay for her college education – in spite of the fact that she has been accepted by a number of universities.

Her father, however, said that is not quite the way things went down. He said that his daughter Rachel is a good kid, an incredibly rebellious teen, and that she is getting some terrible information. Of Rachel and this situation, he said that she ran away from home last November because she didn’t want to follow the rules of the house. The father said that there are rules to living in his house including minor chores and curfews. He said that the curfew is usually after 11 o’clock at night.

During the family squabble, Rachel is at her best friend’s house – where attorney John Inglesino lives. Inglesino provided the funds needed for Rachel’s lawsuit. The attorney believes that the young lady needs to sue to be able to go to a college conducive to her becoming a biomedical engineer. Her first choice of schools is the University of Vermont.

Confusing the story more, Sean Canning claims he is not refusing to pay for his daughter’s schooling. He also says that Rachel was not thrown out. His version of the story is that Rachel was given the option of giving up her boyfriend or getting out. He also says that Inglesino is interfering by paying more than $12,000 on the lawsuit – and he believes Inglesino is a bad influence on Rachel at this point.

The young girl also claimed abuse by her parents which could not be substantiated by officials. By law, a parent has an obligation to support a child who cannot support themselves, financially. The other question has been: doesn’t a parent have the right to enforce reasonable rules in their own home?

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