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Rachel Canning sues parents: Judge fears potential nightmare for all parents

Rachel Canning, 18, sues her parents for college tuition money and living expenses. While the judge delayed the case, he also doesn't want to open a can of worms in legal system.

Rachel Canning started a media storm when she filed a lawsuit against her parents asking the judge to order her parents pay for her college tuition as well as her living expenses. The 18-year-old had her day in court yesterday and this case has so many implications for future court cases that the judge was concerned about setting a precedent that could make every parent’s life a potential nightmare, according to Fox News on March 5.

The judge said in court he doesn’t want to open the flood gates for the 12-year-old to sue for the iPod or the 13-year-old to sue for the Xbox. He also asked the lawyers in this case if it was wise to "establish precedent where parents live in fear of establishing rules of the house?"

Rachel Canning claims she was kicked out of her parent’s home when she turned 18 and she’s been living with her best friend’s family since October. Another bizarre twist in this case is that the father of her best friend is paying for all the legal fees for Rachel to sue her parents, a fact that was not missed on Fox News live Wednesday morning.

The father of her best friend should "mind his own business" and not get between the parents and their daughter, was the consensus of the commentators on the morning news show. There appears to be much more to the family dynamics than Rachel is letting on to. Apparently she had been fighting with her parents over a boyfriend who was trouble and a few other incidents of behavior that rendered Rachel a kid going down the wrong path.

Her father appeared on the news last night saying that his daughter’s school tuition, new car and living expenses will all be paid for if she returns home. He also said that it was Rachel who left home, she wasn’t “kicked out” as she claims. She didn’t want to follow the rules of the household which included doing chores, abiding by a curfew and treating her parents with respect.

There has been on-going problems with Rachel at home and the family’s lawyer read a statement before the court proceedings got underway. Attorney Laurie Rush-Masuret said that the Cannings "are distraught that their oldest daughter feels that litigation is a better option than living together as a family."

She went on to say, “ To be clear, my clients never abandoned nor abused their child and they have asked her to come home.”

The judge delayed his ruling on the parents paying their daughter’s college tuition bills and he denied Rachel's request to have the lawyers’ fees paid for by her parents. He has scheduled another hearing for April 22.

This case has some serious implications for further cases if Rachel were to win this lawsuit. Judges would turn into family mediators deciding if they should give little Johnny or Susie their way or not! This is ridiculous and a waste of the court's time. It's too bad the judge can't make Rachel's friend's father pay for all the court costs since he is backing Rachel financially in this court case.

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