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Rachel Canning sues parents update: NJ judge denies teen, avoids precedent woes

Rachel Canning, 18, sues her parents for college tuition money and living expenses.

Rachel Canning is suing her parents and she’s headed to court to face them in front of a judge. The New Jersey teen is hoping that the judge will order them to pay for her college education. At 18, Rachel is an adult, but for some reason she doesn't see herself as being independent of her parent's finances, according to MSN News on March 4.

Rachel wants financial support for her daily living needs as well as for her parents to put her through college. She claims her father, a retired police chief, kicked her out of the family home when she turned 18. Her father tells another side to that story, he says that his daughter left after refusing to follow the rules of the household, which included doing chores, abiding by curfew and treating her parents with respect.

Apparently this young woman is getting some bad advice as to how to go about this. This is doing nothing more than dragging her family's name through mud. Why does Rachel feel she is entitled to this when other kids have no choice but to put themselves through college?

Rachel Canning is due to tell her side of the story at a hearing in front of a Morristown judge today, Tuesday, March 4. Her father, the former chief of police for Lincoln Park, Sean Canning, spoke with the local media and he claims that it was her decision to leave their home, because she didn’t want to follow the family’s rules.

It sounds as if this dad is having a problem that many parents can relate to when it comes to reminding grown kids that while they are under the roof of their parent’s home, there are still rules even though they’ve hit the magical age of 18. Rachel has been living with her best friend and her family since leaving home in October.

The situation gets even stickier when it is the father of her best friend who is funding the lawsuit. John Inglesino, the former Morris County Freeholder, is the best friend’s father reported to be paying for Rachel’s legal bills.

According to the Huffington Post today, Sean Canning told the media:

"We love our child and miss her. This is terrible. It's killing me and my wife. We have a child we want home. We're not draconian and now we're getting hauled into court. She's demanding that we pay her bills but she doesn't want to live at home and she's saying 'I don't want to live under your rules.'"

He also said that his daughter is getting some "terrible information" (bad advice) and that she is really a "good kid." The best friend's father, who is financing the lawsuit for Rachel said that he just wants the kid to get a good education and one of her choice. Some may be wondering if this man may have overstepped his boundaries getting in between father and daughter by urging a lawsuit.

The social network seems to tally Rachel's lot in life right now as one of a "spoiled" kid. It seems ass if the father has quite a bit of support from the posts referring to this case. Not everyone can afford to sent their kids to college today, but kids don't go to court and sue their parents, not until now anyway!

While there are usually three sides to every story and in this case it would be Rachael’s side, her father’s side and the side that falls somewhere in the middle, which is usually the truth. That is where the judge comes in, as the judge will be the one to get to the truth and decide if in fact the retired police chief should pay for her living expenses and college education.

It could be that the judge might just suggest that Rachael go get herself a job instead of suing for a supported living topped with a college tuition. That wouldn't be too far-fetched as many teens put themselves through college while working. No one has said why Rachael should be expected to do anything different. It is not as if she is sick or unable to work for some reason.

Update March 4 at 6 p.m. EST: A New Jersey family court judge decided today that Rachel Canning will not have her wishes granted to have her parents pay her school tuition after she sued them to cover her schooling and living costs,". according to ABC News Tuesday night.

The judge delayed his ruling and asked the lawyers to consider what would happen if Rachel won this case. He asked them if they are willing to “establish precedent where parents live in fear of establishing rules of the house?".

Rachel's request for the legal fees to be paid by her parents was also denied. What the judge did was rule that the parents were to continue a weekly allowance for the high school senior and make "child support" payments to Rachel.

Sean Canning appeared on television news saying that he is devastated and this is pulling his family apart. As far as he is concerned if his daughter will come home, which she will not do, her allowance and school payments will be all taken care of. She has to learn to live under the rules of the house and the father is not backing down from this and rightfully so.

Most parents can feel for Mr. and Mrs. Canning, whose hands are tied as his daughter drags him and his wife through court. Many today are referring to Rachel as a "spoiled brat" as she refuses to come home and abide by the house rules.

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