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Rachel Canning drops lawsuit against parents and returns home

Rachel Cannig
New York Daily News

Rachel Canning, the 18-year-old New Jersey teenager who sued her parents for financial report after having left her home, has voluntarily withdrawn her court case against her parents, according to court records. Rachel Canning became international headlines when she filed a lawsuit against her parents in New Jersey family court, according to a Reuters report on Wednesday.

With Canning’s filing of the papers to dismiss the lawsuit, it ends the public battle between her and her parents that asked the question as to whether parents are financially responsible for supporting their adult children after they leave the parents’ home.

After being away for four months, Canning returned home to her parents in Lincoln Park, New Jersey last week. She left when she turned 18 – the legal age of adulthood in New Jersey. During her absence from her home, she sued her parents – Sean and Elizabeth Canning – for the cost of her private high school tuition, living expenses and access to a college fund. When filing the lawsuit, Rachel Canning asserted that she was entitled to their financial support even though she did not live with them because she was not legally emancipated. During the lawsuit engagement she claimed that she was emotionally abused.

Her parents fought back by saying that their daughter had disciplinary issues at home and at school. However, they agreed to take her back and support her until she finishes high school. Previously, she would not conform to her parents’ house rules which involved doing chores and observing curfews. No word as to whatever happened to the boyfriend she wouldn't give up to satisfy her parents wishes.

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