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Rachel Canning: 18-year-old sues parents to pay for rich lifestyle, judge rules

Rachel Canning filed a lawsuit against her parents forcing them to pay for her private high school, future college education, and living costs after she left home at the age of 18. Today, a judge ruled that “Rachel Canning's parents do not have to pay her high school tuition after she sued them to cover her schooling and living costs,” reported ABC News on March 4, 2014.

Rachel Canning: 18-year-old sues parents to pay for rich lifestyle, judge rules

During today’s ruling, the New Jersey family court judge denied the 18-year-old girl’s request to legally force her parents to pay for her high school tuition, to give her a weekly allowance, and to provide any financial support for her, including her attorney fees.

The ruling on whether the parents will have to pay for her future college tuition was postponed by the judge until April 22.

Rachel Canning decided to sue her parents in family court in Morristown, N.J., because – according to her – she was kicked out of her Lincoln Park home by her parents when she turned 18 last October. According to court documents, the girl said that “my parents simply will not help me any longer. They want nothing to do with me and refuse to even help me financially outside the home although they certainly have the ability to do so. … I am unable to support myself and provide for my food, shelter, clothing, transportation and education."

According to Rachel Canning’s father, however, his daughter left the home on her own because she did not want to do any chores and have a curfew. "Private school, new car, college education; that all comes with living under our roof," he says.

After having left her parents’ home, or after having been kicked out (depending on whose lawyer was speaking), the 18-year-old has been living with the family of her best friend whose father is a lawyer and who has been funding the lawsuit.

In addition to declaring the 18-year-old girl non-emancipated and financially dependent on her parents, Attorney Helfand, who was hired by Rachel Canning’s best friend’s father, also asked that the parents should have to pay for their daughter's legal fees – which total so far $12,597.

Rachel Canning saw her father today in court for the first time since she left home in October. She “stared straight ahead for most of the hearing.” During the ruling, the judge asked the lawyers to consider whether it's wise to “establish precedent where parents live in fear of establishing rules of the house?"

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