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'Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off:' Lack of focus sends celebrity home

Guy Fieri mentor on Rachael vs Guy Celebrity Cook-Off
Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images

On Monday night the celebrities were asked to cook dishes suitable for a Luau and they all jumped on their designated tasks with fervor, however, from the get go Chris Kattan from Team Guy seemed a bit out of shorts, first falling sleep as the menu was set up and Guy was speaking. And then as he cooked, he seemed more concerned with being funny and amusing for the cameras then actually cooking.

Chef Marc Murphy, better known for his appearances on Chopped, was the guest judge, who would pick a winning team, an MVP from the winning team, and who would be going home from the losing team. There were a total of 50 people that would be served and give their opinion as to which dish was their favorite and also their least favorite.

Team Rachael was the overall winner and Florence Henderson was the MVP, subsequently Team Guy lost and Chris Kattan was sent home, fairly so, since he was the one who nonchalantly went about his cooking and did not appear as focused or as eager to do his best as his fellow celebrities.

“Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off” runs on Monday at 9:00 EDT on the Food Network.

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