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“Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off”: Game Day Edition!

Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri lead their teams into the fith week of "Celebrity Cook-Off"
Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri lead their teams into the fith week of "Celebrity Cook-Off"
Photo property of the Food Network

Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off traveled to the Super Bowl!!

Well…not exactly!

The six remaining celebrities (Herschel Walker, Vanilla Ice, Tiffany, Penn Jillette, Judy Gold and Florence Henderson) were tasked with two challenges that took place in a stadium-like setting.

Tonight’s first challenge was to create their own version of chicken wings! Celebrities had their own strategy dealing with this challenge. Florence Henderson created a baked sweet and spicy chicken wings. Judy Gold wanted to win this challenge head on with her created Plum Teriyaki chicken wings. Over on Team Guy, NFL superstar Herschel Walker ran on slow mode and Tiffany burnt her Mediterranean wings.

For the first challenge, one celebrity on each team was automatically awarded the MVP Award, $2,500 for their respective charity and immunity from elimination. Herschel Walker won the MVP Award for the second week in the row for Team Guy and Penn Jillette grabbed the award for Team Rachael.

During round two, each team had 90-minutes to elevated stadium food that included an individual dish and a collaborative nacho dish. On Team Guy, Tiffany made her Southern Smile Chicken and Waffles. While Tiffany went all in with the challenge, the 80s pop darling struggled with her waffle batter. Vanilla Ice also stumbled with his Lobster Mac-and-Cheese after he burned the first batter.

Team Rachael’s ladies (with assistance from MVP Penn Jillette) tackled their New York Deli-styled nachos and their two individual dishes. Judy Gold made her first crab cake sandwich and Florence tackled a shrimp roll with corn on the cob.

While both teams rested in their respective trailers, this week’s guest, Chopped judge and Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, joined Guy and Rachael at the table. While Alex loved Florence’s shrimp roll, but was disappointed that Mrs. Brady did not elevate her corn-on-the-cob. Alex commended Judy for taking a huge risk but thought it had too many components.

Overall, Alex was impressed with Team Guy! She called Vanilla Ice mischievous for his rebellious take on the Mac-and-Cheese Lobster sandwich and commended Tiffany for reaching outside of her comfort zone but stated that the Southern Smile Chicken and Waffles had her least favorite flavors.

At the end of the night, Chef Guarnaschelli stated that both teams were neck and neck…but Team Guy won the second round. She also added that with a heavy heart…she decided to chop Judy from Team Rachael.

Next week, the Final Five head to Coney Island to serve up hot dogs!

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