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Rachael Ray rewards family for "Paying it Forward"

A recent Rachael Ray Show featured Shannon Leavitt and her 10-year old son, Kaden both of Pocatello, Idaho who have a strong desire to 'pay it forward" to others in their community. The :Leavitts thought they were on the show to just discuss with Ray about how their 'pay it forward' campaign has touched so many lives and inspired others across the United States.

During the show Shannon Leavitt told Rachel and the audience about the inspiration for her 'Pay it Forward' campaign which was her son Kaden who always gad the volition to do good deeds for others Eventually Leavitt joined her son in the endeavor and now, about a year later, the whole family has gotten into the act.

The :Leavitt's "Pay it Forward" campaign is designed to give back to their community through simple acts of kindness. Rachel Ray's camera crew followed the Leavitts around as they paid for someone's meal at the restaurant where Leavitt works, buying gas for a young man who ran out of gas and handing little business cards to each person they help..

According to, one man from California had four thousand of the cards printed for the Leavitts. Each of the cards has a simple message,: "Please do a good deed, whatever it may be. Than pass this card to that person and tell them to do the same it forward..."

Rachael Ray rewarded the Leavitts for their efforts with a little pay it forward of her own, money to help them expand their acts and touch more people with their good deeds and also a trip to Disney World.

The Leavitts tried to invite Ray on the trip with them but she respectively declined.

While the whole idea of the Rachael Ray show was to honor the Leavitts for what they are doing to make their community a better place to live the true message of the show should not be ignored. The Leavitts story should be an inspiration for everyone to start "paying it forward' in their own neighborhoods. As the Leavitts show it doesn't take a lot of money to to start helping others.

Click here to watch the Leavitt's inspirational story.

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