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Race to Nowhere showing at Laemmle's Sunset in Hollywood

Student studying late into the night in the documentary Race to Nowhere
Student studying late into the night in the documentary Race to Nowhere
Courtesy of Race to Nowhere

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Race to Nowhere is BACK! The new documentary film about the high-pressure, high-stakes culture that has invaded schools, will open for one week on Friday, September 10 at the Laemmle's Sunset 5, 8000 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, (323) 848-3500. Showings will be at 3:15 pm and 7:30 pm* from September 10 through September 16. Check theater link for ticketing. Director Abeles will be at the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday shows.

School reform has become a national priority and Race to Nowhere points to the need for a complete transformation of our education system. In a grassroots phenomenon already feeding a groundswell for change, the producers are partnering with hundreds of theaters, schools and organizations nationwide to bring the film to local communities on September 30 and October 4, in conjunction with National Child Health Day.

Thousands of people will come together to see the film and discuss:

  • How can we best support the youth of America today and prepare them for the future?
  • How do we define achievement?
  • How can we make choices that support the healthy development of young people?
  • How can we end the race to nowhere?

2010 has become the year of the education film, with several major documentaries, most of them focusing on the charter school movement and problems with teachers' unions. Race to Nowhere is the only one to spotlight the intersection of health and education and to give voice to those on the front lines –the students and teachers themselves.

The film highlights the toll our culture is taking on the health of young people everywhere and the detrimental impact of today's system on the preparation of young people for college and the workplace. Featuring the stories of young people who have been pushed to the brink, educators who are burned out, and parents' worried about what's best for their kids, Race to Nowhere points to the silent epidemic in our schools:

  • cheating has become commonplace;
  • students are disengaged;
  • stress-related illness and depression are rampant; and,
  • many young people arrive at college and the workplace unprepared and uninspired.

National experts in education, including the Dean of Stanford University's School of Education and leading child development experts, also speak out.

Vicki Abeles, the producer and director, was inspired to make the film out of concern for her three children, whose health was being jeopardized by the stress they were under. “The competition and pressure to perform have penetrated our schools and our homes,” says Abeles. “We see kids who are anxious, depressed, physically ill, dropping out, abusing attention-deficit drugs and, worst case, attempting suicide. As a mother, I saw the stress firsthand, and realized that no one is talking about it. We are graduating a generation of young people who have been trained as robo-students, unable to think and work independently, creatively and collaboratively.”

Race to Nowhere is a call to action for families, educators, and policy makers to challenge current assumptions on how to best prepare the youth of America to become healthy, bright, contributing and leading citizens.  Visit for more information.

Will you go and see the film?  If you are interested in gathering together for a discussion, let Grace know as well!!

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Thanks to Vicki Abeles, director of Race to Nowhere, for the press release.



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