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'Race to Fame' on iOS and Android

Race to Fame

Did you know that John Carter Cash, son of music legends Johnny Cash and June Carter, has an uncredited role in the 2005 film “Walk the Line”?

If you did, then Race to Fame on iOS and Android might be for you. It’s loaded with obscure trivia that will test the mettle of any so-called “movie aficionado,” but there’s also a good mix of questions casual movie fans should be able to answer.

Alongside the great mix of questions, Race to Fame’s standout performers are the mini-games throughout the app. Instead of only multiple-choice questions, the app has found creative ways to mix up the way user are answering trivia questions.

  • Catch a Falling Star: Movie titles fall from the top of the screen, and users drag the appropriate title to the corresponding movie star’s name.
  • Smack a Star: Users are given a premise, for example, “animated movies,” and then have to tap all the corresponding movie titles that pop up on the screen.
  • Word Search: You probably did these as a kid. It’s a big jumble of letters, but there are words hidden throughout/
  • Multiple Choice Trivia: The classic trivia question format. It’s great that these are included, but it’s even better that multiple choice isn’t the only option. Variety wins the day.

Race to Fame includes a story mode that sees a small-town actor (or actress) go from the midwest to Hollywood as the user completes the mini games.

Whether you’re a movie buff or an occasional movie-goer, Race to Fame will have you racking your brain trying to remember stuff like, “the one guy, who was in that one movie.”

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