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'Race the Sun' flying its way to all PlayStation systems this summer

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Get ready to fly to the sun with the just announced indie racing game, "Race the Sun", from developer Flippfly. "Race the Sun" will be heading to all PlayStation systems (PS4, PS3, and Vita) sometime this summer. Also, the game will support Cross Buy so once you buy a certain version, you'll have the other two versions free of charge. No need to worry about losing your saved progress either on a certain version as the game supports Cross Save as well so you can transfer your saved data from version to version. At this time, no exact release date has been given.

"Race The Sun" will be racing to all PlayStation systems this summer.
PlayStation Blog

The concept for "Race the Sun" is simple: try to get to the sun as fast possible without getting destroyed in the process. From the looks of the game, that simple task won't be so easy to accomplish. It seems easy to learn but hard to master, similar to that of classic arcade racing games such as Outrun.

"Race the Sun" is an ultra high-speed racing game that puts you in control of a solar powered aircraft as you skim a minimalist yet ever changing landscape in pursuit of the sun, which powers your craft with its rays. As the sun sinks down and down though, you're more at risk of losing daylight, which can ultimately lead to your demise. To make matters more difficult, the hand designed obstacles can make your journey to the sun even more intense as the obstacles can get in your path in an instant. However, you'll have the ability to collect speed boosts along the way that'll prove useful in those dire and desperate times. The speed boosts not only give you the ability to go faster but allow for you reverse time momentarily.

The game's landscape changes daily, with new challenges and new leaderboard rankings. In addition, you'll be able to upgrade and level up your aircraft (25 levels in total) as you complete objectives, build your own endless worlds with the built-in editor, and by going through "world portals" you'll transport to a random user-created world.

Check out some screen shots of the game with the slideshow gallery to the left side of this article.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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