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Race, slavery, and the Bible

Jesus and the American flag
Jesus and the American flag
David Thornton


  • Stan Transue (Habersham Co Conservative Examiner) 6 years ago

    David. thank you for this insightful and well researched piece. I agree that true racial equality will not occur until there is no official or tacit cultural exception made on the basis of race, gender or religion. we still have a ways to go, but we are on the right track. God bless America and all her children.

  • John Taurus 6 years ago

    Every since there has been man, there has been slavery. What the media purposely fails to do is recognize that WHITE PEOPLE ended the practice of slavery. Slavery is still being practiced today in parts of Africa. Everyone demonizes Whites over slavery because the Zionists use the media to promote animosity between Whites, Blacks and Latinos. It keeps these slave combatants minds off the devilment being committed by Israel or the Zionist bankster cartel that has committed the largest theft in history by stealing all of America's wealth.

  • Stan Transue 6 years ago

    John. And your intention is to add your "evil zionist" defamation to the mix? Really. What are the odds that every race and culture possesses a mix of virtuous and villianous people?

    I think I have seen your snti-semetic remarks before. Get over it dude -- you are just perpetrating the same brand of hate towards a different group. If what you claim is true (the distract/divide/conquer strategy employed by the oligarchy to control us) then you are promoting their strategy and advancing their cause.

    You are undermining whatever credibility you may seek by coming off like a fanatic. Ease off the zionist hyperbole and focus on the core issues (people abusing one another perhaps) and you will expand your audience and perhaps be taken more seriously.

    Finally, slavery did not end in America, it was just expanded to include everyone through the Fed and property-based taxes.

  • John Taurus 6 years ago

    Stan Transue, you are obviously uninformed. Where the Zionist finds happiness, he feels it his obligation to leave grief, misery, woe, sorrow and death. WWI was a product of the Jews. WWII was a continuation of WWI. We are in the middle-east fighting for Israel. Isreal can be blamed for more deaths on this planet than any other cause. If you are blind to this, it is either because you are a Zionist Jew or you are woefully ignorant.

  • Stan Transue 6 years ago

    Let's see... Decisions, decisions... But wait, you did not offer biggoted skinhead neo-Nazi wacko as one of the choices. OK, If I can't be that, I choose Zionist Jew for 1000! But I so wanted to shave my head and get one of those swastika tatoos on my penis. Oh well...

  • JR Bailey Casper Christianity Examiner 6 years ago

    Hey David (Dave?),

    Allow me to congratulate you on a superb article. You prose was not only fluidly splendid, the coherence made reading a delight!

    Your lead-ins and sequitors were highly connective and I appreciated the conclusions throughout.

    If I may, allow me to suggest a couple of things:

    1. Break up your articles of such depth and length into a 'mini-series': it makes reading and following along, after a long day at work, much easier for the reader.

    2. Instead of using Footing (footnotes), use the hyperlinking ability within the Pub can embed the hyperlinks directly into the specific words or phrases relevant to the hyperlink.

    Other than that, I found your work highly informative, interesting, and quite worth the time reading it.

    I shall subscribe to your 'column' as it were, looking forward to your further enterprises.

    Take care and thank you again for all your effort.

    JR Bailey
    Casper Christianity Examiner.

  • John Taurus 6 years ago

    Stan, your indoctrination is showing through. You pulled out the old "Nazi" club and immediately whacked me with it. You were trained to think and act that way by the media and public school system from your moment of birth. You have been programed. You believe you are capable of self-thought, but you are not. Americans and Europeans have been indoctrinated into the old, "He has critized Isarel so he must be a Nazi. Must attack...destroy, bad, weak-minded, evil devil." Israel deserves criticising and a huge portion of the world has awakened to this. Please type in the following link address and tell me if these folks are Nazis, too! dubya dubya dubya dot jewsagainstzionism dot com

  • Alisa 6 years ago

    David, a well-written piece with a great message. It bothers me that the "hatred" in some of the comments is so prevalent, when the article was one goodness.

  • GEOLFIA 6 years ago


  • toomuchGlobalism 3 years ago

    why weren't the "African slaves" shipped home after they were freed. Globalists have been running this slaver scam & mixing different peoples for eons, jews are one of their fave groups of useful idiots.

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