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Race day essential extras

What 'odd' race day essentials do you pack?
What 'odd' race day essentials do you pack?

Of course, you know the normal essentials to have in your race bag: sneakers, socks, race bib, timing chip, running outfit, bike shoes, bike, food and snacks, etc. However, below are some essential extras many triathletes swear by:

  • Balloons. Yes, balloons. Many people tie them onto their position in the bike rack as an easy indicator to find their spot during transition.
  • Anti-chafe stick or Vaseline. In distance races, clothing and shoes tend to rub the same spot over and over, causing chafing and pain. To help prevent this, rub these areas with an anti-chafe stick or vaseline beforehand.
  • Cooking spray. What? Yes - many swear by spraying cooking spray on their wrists and ankles first as a way to easily get off a wetsuit, In a pinch, it can also be used as lube for your bike chain.
  • Toilet paper. Just in case the port-a-potty is out.
  • Bandaids. These can be used as an easy short-term fix for blisters or even to prevent bloody nipples.
  • Flip flops. The first thing you'll want to do when you're done is to get off your shoes and socks.
  • Freshen up items. You'll want to feel less sweaty and more presentable once the race is over. Consider bringing deodorant, wipes, a comb and a change of clothes, as well as a clean hair tie for the ladies.
  • Packing crate. Remember those plastic cube crates used in colleges the word over? Many triathletes use these in transition to sit on, change shoes on or store their gear in.

What race day essentials do you pack into your race bag?


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