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Race card has become the Joker

Race card
Race card

Like everything else the media and those who exploit buzz words have diluted the word racism and every other, “ism,” word they abuse.

The true injustice is that most ism’s have roots in valid causes. But through misuse have evolved into verbal ammunition every bit as dangerous as the bullets feared by so many brainwashed by all the ism’s abuser. The ism abusers have poisoned the minds of entire generations and doomed them to a life devoid of independent thinking and self sufficiency. Race baiters make entire careers based on exploiting racism and brainwashing masses which kills the hopes and dreams of millions where actual ammunition only kills thousands.

We American have our fear priorities all screwed up. We don’t fear that which we should like God, evil, corruption, envy, gluttony, sloth, greed, pride, lust and anger. Yet thanks to the ism’s baiters we fear relations between diverse backgrounds when in fact it is our American diversity that makes us Americans’ different and stronger than every other country. The ism’s abusers armed with diarrhea of the mouth are far more harmful to society than any actual weapon.

The much more difficult path yet far more rewarding course of individual thinking and exceptional behavior has given way to the easy herd mentality. We humans are supposed to be the greatest living organism on earth but we have evolved into the most naturally bankrupt organism on earth. We allow others to do our thinking and creating our reality via disinformation, substances and distraction disguised as entertainment.

Racism is just one of many weapons used against the masses to distract, misinform and control, “We the People.” Even worse than them abusing causes is us allowing them via our ignorance. We must own up to our issues and quit blaming Presidents, government, and even ism’s baiters. We should fear ignorance not ism’s. We need to be racist toward the ignorant race what ever their color, religion, or any other label society places on them.

But there is an, “ism,” we are actually guilty of and it’s pacifism. By use of pacifism we have made a joke of once actual ism’s like racism.

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