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Race across the streets of Shanghai in hot race cars

Turbo Racing 3 Images
Turbo Racing 3 Images
Paul Iuzzolino

In mostly every racing game, you race with stylish and hot looking cars. You race in various locations that contain either buildings or mountains. In some race tracks, you race against a beautiful river or lake. Turbo Racing 3 takes racers to the majestic city of Shanghai. You race on these streets into traffic while avoiding speed traps. To really perform well in the game, use the turbo boost to beat other opponents and not get eliminated. If players can complete all of the 3 challenges, new looks will be available for the car.

Basically, you are driving the same car throughout the game. It looks similar to a Mitsubishi eclipse. Your first look is a blue color with a white flame on the driver's side. To unlock the rest of the looks, you need to acquire stars. In the first race, there are three challenges to complete: attain first place, finish the race in under a minute and forty-five seconds, and go through all speed traps faster than 180 KM. To finish the race in under a minute and forty-five seconds is pretty tough, because there are so many cars in your way. Once you complete the first race, quick race mode is unlocked. The next three challenges are even tougher, but the fun part is trying to beat all of these challenges. Another hard challenge to finish is collecting five score bonuses. This challenge is hard because a car is always near one of these speed bonuses. The most exciting aspect of playing this game is trying to not hit the other cars while trying to clear all the challenges.

Game Mechanics:
The car drives good, but the handling could be better. Sometimes it's hard to miss the other cars. The other cars do move slow, and when you are racing at fast speeds, you can't really avoid them fast enough. The boost works really well, and can help players beat some of the challenges. As you are racing, you see a vertical line on the left side of the screen. You then see small horizontal lines at even points on the vertical line. These horizontal lines are the checkpoints you need to pass to not be eliminated. The lighting bolt symbol on the vertical line represent the speed traps. These lines and symbols are really easy to read.

The city of Shanghai looks glamorous, with massive buildings and billboards in Chinese. The neon lights of the billboards glow really brightly. The cars look really shiny and have beautiful decals on them, like flames and spiders. Some of the buildings look the same in every race, but overpasses and different color skies separate each race. Don't be surprised to find billboards for other games on mini clip. In some of the races, bright spotlights shoot out into the sky.

To race, you just use the arrow keys. The car can race good straight, but the left and right arrow keys can be tweaked better to give the player more control of the car. When you press the left and right arrow keys, the car shifts too much and you are always hitting the other cars. The x key is used for turbo boost. The controls are fairly simple and it's not complicated to figure out how to use them. To pause the game, you press the p key.

Turbo Racing 3 is a fun racing game set in a very big city with big buildings and Chinese billboards. Throughout each race, you are trying to beat three challenges, including finishing in first place and collecting score bonuses. As you finish each race, you earn stars that can be used to unlock different paint jobs for your race car. Players can have loads of fun completing all the challenges in the game and unlocking all the paint jobs.

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