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Race across dangerous areas with stylish speedboats

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The coolest aspect of speedboats is that they go extremely fast; well in Hydro Thunder Hurricane, you will have to use speed and handling to win races while avoiding many dangerous obstacles. In this game, you use a variety of speedboats to compete in four types of races. The first type of race is a regular race where you try and win first place. The second type of race is ring master, where you see how many rings you can go through. The third type of race is a gauntlet race, in which explosives are set around the racing area. The fourth type of race is a championship race, where you compete in several races to win the championship. The graphics in this game are really impressive, especially the water. The boosts look nice when you use them. I also really like the interactive obstacles in every course. For instance, in the one course rocks start falling from surrounding mountains and cliffs, and you have to sway out of the way or crash into the rocks. In another course, a big dragon pops out of the water and creates a whirlpool around him, and you have to use a boost to avoid being swallowed up. The controls are really simple in this game, and makes the game even more exciting to play. The speedboats are fun to use, and each one rides differently on the water. You have to use all of them a few times to see which ones suits you best; as you play the game you can gain access to better speedboats. Hydro Thunder Hurricane is a flawless racing game with stunning graphics and great gameplay; you have lots of fun winning every race and finding all of the hidden items in every course.

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