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RACE 07 update released


SimBin has released a new update for its title Race 07 and its expansions, now available for download.

The racing game gets a list of new improvements and fixes with the patch, including specific adjustments to cars and driving, tracks and more.

The update is available now as an automatic update on Steam, owner's of the game need only restart the client. From the change log:

RACE 07 Update


  • Artifacts in driver arms corrections in Muscle Cars
  • Missing needles in cockpit gauges in Muscle Cars
  • Formula Masters hit the rev limit on fast tracks such as Monza
  • New rev HUD system, that follows car specs, with visible rev limit.
  • STCC Volvo C30 : +25 kg
  • DBR9: + 30 kg
  • Adjusted suspension on BMS - STCC
  • Fixes Audi R8 driver disappearing at certain angles
  • Missing Volvo logo in manufacturer selection for WTCC 08
  • Fixed brake disks for the Volvo C30 that were constantly glowing
  • Fixed wrong logo in J. Gene's Seat cockpit
  • Fixed incorrect flag shown on Ibrahim Okyay's BMW
  • Fixed issue where no Seat TDI were present in a WTCC 08 championship


  • Timer started at the exit of the pitlane in Monza 07 & 08


  • Changeable weather wasn't changing when race was too long or set on a time length.
  • Reload custom skins (CTRL-F5) didn't work when team folder had subfolders
  • Blue flags now appear even if the rules are set on black only. The blue flag then doesn't bring a penalty if not respected
  • Pit preset menu doesn't make you think a lost wheel in a Formula Master will be repairable in the pits.
  • Enter Setup files browsing optimized (time reduced to 1/3)
  • AI didn't stop to change tyres in case of a change in weather conditions.
  • Pitwindow didn't show in certain cases (no practice or qual session)
  • Fixed issue where if you don't own STCC, you couldn't join a server equipped with STCC with WTCC'08 Volvo.
  • Fixed screen that could turn black when loading cars in a multiplayer session
  • Fixed FFB issue with the G27 when FPS hit a certain number
  • Fixed Fanatec Porsche Wheel being shown as selectable when you didn't own one
  • Fixed issue where certain FOV values could make the helmet view texture disappear in 16/9 resolutions
  • Fixed customskins not selectable in a championship
  • Fixed an unrealistic grid start order in WTCC races.
  • Fixed "Music in cockpit" feature that didn't work any more
  • Fixed behaviour of cursor in setup notes page when using tripplehead display
  • Fixed a case where you couldn't join a Race On equipped server with WTCC'87 if you hadn't Race On yourself